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Frequently Asked Questions

What number can I call for help?

For help answering any specific group plan questions regarding highlights, certifications and contracts, please contact your assigned account manager. For a full list of customer service numbers, visit our contact page.

How can I make eligibility changes online?

Once you've registered on the Employer Connection, you can make eligibility changes (additions, terminations, etc.) by logging into your account on Delta Dental of Illinois' secure portal. Access our step by step guide for additional assistance.

Who do I contact for urgent eligibility updates?

For urgent updates, please email and use URGENT in the subject line or call 1-800-752-7971. 

Who do I contact for help with my Employer Connection log in and access? 

For help accessing the Employer Connection, please email or call 1-800-752-7971.

Who is the superuser?

The superuser is the decision maker for your group. To confirm your group's superuser, please email or call 1-800-752-7971.

Who do I contact for help with adding or deleting new users on the Employer Connection? 

For help with adding or deleting users on the Employer Connection, please refer to the step by step guide, contact your group's superuser or email or call 1-800-752-7971.

How do I get a username and password?

For help with obtaining a username and password, please email or call 1-800-752-7971.

How do I reset my password?

If you need to reset your password, click here to request a new password. If you continue to experience any issues resetting your password, please email or call 1-800-752-7971.

Where do I go to download my invoice?

When logged into the Employer Connection, download an invoice by selecting "Billing Invoices" on the left-hand side menu or by selecting "Billing" at the top of the Employer Connection screen. Simply select the billing invoice you would like to view, and on the next screen, you can download a PDF of the invoice.

How can I pay my bill online?

We currently do not offer the ability to pay your bill online at this time. Alternatively, you may pay with an ACH. Simply fill out the ACH form and send the completed form to our finance department.

Where can I gain access to download forms?

Visit our forms page.

Where can I obtain oral health resources for my employees/members?

We have a host of information available. Visit our Wellness page. Share our Dental Basics resource page to help your employees/members better understand dental insurance.