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At Delta Dental of Illinois, we are passionate about protecting our members’ oral health – and can’t emphasize enough the important connections it has to overall health and wellness. We offer many resources and programs to help groups optimize their dental benefit program and manage their bottom line as well as encourage their members/employees to take charge of their oral health for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

LifeSmile Wellness Program

We offer a comprehensive wellness program for groups that includes a variety of employee/member wellness materials outlining the importance of oral health as well as encouraging your employees/members to use their dental benefits. The following items are available for your group and can be customized: monthly articles, intranet banner ads, oral health flyers, posters, postcards and presentations.

Monthly Member Email

Each month, Delta Dental of Illinois members receive timely oral health information and updates via a monthly member email. Encourage your employees/members to keep up with the latest oral health news by adding them to our distribution list. If you’d like to ensure your employees/members are smart about their smiles, you can work with your account manager to add their email addresses to our distribution list. View a sample monthly email.

Preventive Care Email Reminders

To encourage your members to visit the dentist regularly for preventive care, we will send out reminders to get regular cleanings if a member has not been to the dentist recently. We will also send reminders to receive care to members who have ever had gum disease treatment but have not been to the dentist recently, as well. To opt out of this service, please contact your account manager..

Oral Health Website

Our oral health website provides your employees/members with a wealth of oral health information including an oral health blog, articles and videos.

Oral Health Flyers

Our oral health flyers offers oral health information you can easily share with your employees/members.

LifeSmile Score

Our risk assessment tool allows members to find out their risk for oral disease by taking a quick and simple quiz. Members can then print their report and discuss their results at their next dental appointment and, if needed, their dentist can help create a treatment plan focused on improving their oral health. Our risk assessment tool is available through our mobile app or online. We include this detailer in all enrollment kits.