Dental Plan Features

Delta Dental of Illinois offers an individual and family plan that is a smart option for non-benefit eligible employees, as well as a vision plan and a host of dental plan features. Below is more information on each, as applicable to your group.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Benefits Program

    Delta Dental of Illinois’ Enhanced Benefits Program integrates medical and dental care – where oral health meets overall health. This program customizes benefits at the individual level by offering additional services to people who have specific health conditions such as diabetes, pregnancy, suppressed immune systems, individuals with intellectual disabilities, and more that can be positively affected by additional care. Learn more about our Enhanced Benefits Program.

    The Enhanced Benefits Program is available with Delta Dental PPOTM and Delta Dental Premier® plans only.

  • ToGoSM Feature

    We offer a dental HMO, DeltaCare. If your group has DeltaCare, refer to your group-specific highlight for copayment amounts for your plan. Access our general overview to learn how DeltaCare works.

  • DeltaVision®

    DeltaVision, in association with the EyeMed Vision Care Access, Select and Insight networks, offers you access to a national network of both independent providers and leading optical retailers. Access our general overview to learn more.

    Using Your Vision Program

    1. Members should have their DeltaVision information card available when scheduling and visiting an in-network provider. An in-network provider is one who participates in the EyeMed Vision Care Provider network. It's very important that a member knows which network their benefit plan utilizes. Members will only receive in-network benefits from their specific network providers. Please note: the network provider will need the primary member's name and date of birth to verify eligibility.
    2. Members must pay their copayment and any other charges not covered at the time of service. No paperwork is required. Members continue to save on additional eyewear purchases any time the member presents their card to an in-network provider.
    3. If a member selects a provider who is not in the network, the member does not receive preferred pricing and may be asked to provide full payment to the out-of-network provider at the time of service. To receive benefit reimbursement, members must submit a completed claim form, along with itemized receipts from the provider and the member's prescription.

    Finding a Vision Provider

    We offer two easy ways to locate an in-network provider 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Members can either:

    DeltaVision Claims Processing

    c/o EyeMed Vision Care
    P.O. Box 8504
    Mason, OH  45040-7111

    Customer Service

    If you have specific questions regarding benefit coverage, limitations or exclusions, contact our customer service department at 1-866-723-0513.

    DeltaVision is provided by ProTec Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Dental of Illinois, in association with EyeMed Vision Care networks.

  • Amplifon

    Delta Dental of Illinois partnered with Amplifon to offer a comprehensive hearing health discount program. Download a flyer to share the benefits of Amplifon with your members. Access our frequently asked questions on hearing loss and learn more about our Amplifon program.

  • Individual and Family Dental Plans for Non-Benefit Eligible Employees

    Delta Dental of Illinois strives to improve the oral and overall health of your employees. Individuals with dental insurance are more likely to seek the necessary oral health services at the dentist compared to those without coverage. Consider our dental plans for Illinois individuals and families for your non-benefit-eligible employees. 

  • Smile Perks

    Smile Perks is our exclusive discount program designed to help Delta Dental of Illinois members save money on everyday expenses, travel, oral health products, and more!