Online Dentist Connection and Automated Phone System FaxBack*

Dentists and dental office staff can access patient benefit and eligibility information anytime through our automated phone system FaxBack* and our online Dentist Connection. On the Dentist Connection, you can also check claim status, check patient claims and predeterminations history, enroll a patient in the Enhanced Benefits Program and access direct deposit

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Our phone system and FaxBack* provide this information as well. Log in or register today!

*Automated Phone System FaxBack (FaxBack includes the top 50 most-requested items.)

Group members: (800) 323-1743

Individual Policyholder Members: (855) 335-8267

Please note: Dentist Connection and FaxBack are our primary methods of providing benefits rundown information so our customer experience representatives can spend the time needed providing you and your patients the answers to more detailed inquiries.

Delta Dental of Illinois recommends that each person in your office has their own username and password to access the secure site.