Check Patient Benefits

Network and non-network dentists and office staff can easily access patient benefit and eligibility information online and through our automated phone system.


Need help or want to learn more? Follow these steps to register. Access this self-service guide for more information. Once you register, your registration applies to both and, as well as other Delta Dental member company website portals.

Automated Phone System

Benefits on Demand Fax***

Through Benefits on Demand Fax, dentists and dental office staff can receive automated faxes containing Delta Dental of Illinois patients' eligibility, claim, and benefit information all in one form. Additionally, you can check eligibility and claim status for the entire family with a single entry. This service provides information for multiple members in one fax, delivered in about 10 minutes or less. To view a listing of the top 50 benefit questions for providers, click here.

Eligibility verification and “benefit rundowns” are easily and readily accessible online and through our automated phone system. Our policy is to not provide this information through a live agent or email unless you need more information that is only available through a live agent. In this case, you must provide the verification code on your Benefits on Demand Fax or online session. The verification code is valid for one month.

  • *Group members receive Delta Dental of Illinois benefits through their employer or group.
  • **Individual members purchase Delta Dental of Illinois directly from Delta Dental of Illinois or the public marketplace.
  • ***Automated Phone System Benefits on Demand Fax (Benefits on Demand Fax includes the top 50 most-requested items.)