Dental Plan Materials for Patients

Delta Dental Individual Options Offer Illinois Residents Without Group Dental Insurance a Choice

Affordable access to oral health services has never been easier with Delta Dental of Illinois individual dental plan options. 

You can order Delta Dental of Illinois individual brochures for your office to give to patients looking for a way to make dental care more affordable.

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Delta Dental Individual and Family Plans

Delta Dental of Illinois Individual and Family Plans offer three plan designs, all based on the Delta Dental PPO network, as well as plans that meet the requirements of the ACA for pediatric dental coverage.

Individuals who enroll can see any dentist they like, but fee reimbursement is based on Delta Dental PPO fees. Individuals can easily enroll online.

Our individual business has grown significantly and we now cover more than 100,000 Illinois residents in addition to the nearly 1.5 million Illinois residents we cover in group plans.

Choosing an individual plan is a great option for your patients. An individual dental plan is a good fit for people who are employed or self-employed without dental coverage, unemployed without dental coverage, college student/recent graduate not eligible under their parent's plan, or retirees seeking transition or supplemental dental coverage.

Individuals with dental coverage get the treatment they need more frequently than those without.

**New patient exams, limited to ADA D0150 for general dentistry; does not include cleanings or x-rays.