Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit of funds is a safe, easy and efficient transaction allowing weekly deposits directly into the bank account designated. Please see below for more information. 

National Direct Deposit with Delta Dental

Illinois Dental Office Locations: For National EFT/ERA, please enroll with this form and send back to our Professional Relations staff by fax or mail.

National Direct Deposit Form

Fax: ATTN: Professional Relations, 630-983-4085

Mail: Delta Dental of Illinois, Professional Relations Department, 111 Shuman Boulevard, Naperville, IL 60563

(If your office prefers to email the EFT/ERA form, please contact us at 630-718-4990 for secure email instructions.)

Dental Office Locations Outside of Illinois: You must contact the Delta Dental member company in the state where your office is located to set up National EFT/ERA.

Direct Deposit FAQs

What is EFT?

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is also known as direct deposit. It is the transfer of funds to a checking or savings account.

What is ERA?

An Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) is an electronic insurance payment explanation that is sometimes referred to as an Explanation of Benefit (EOB) or Explanation of Payment (EOP). 

Can I opt-in for National EFT and ERA with a few Delta Dental member companies rather than nationally?

No. You cannot opt-in with selected individual member companies. You can either opt-in at the local level or at the national level.  Delta Dental’s National EFT and ERA solution is designed to offer single enrollment for all Delta Dental member companies so that dental offices do not have to enroll with each individual member company. 

Will my Direct Deposit authorization form apply to all Delta Dental member companies?   

The authorization form for offices in Illinois will assign EFT and ERA transactions for all Delta Dental member companies “IF” you have elected to opt-in for Delta Dental’s National EFT and ERA. If you would like more information regarding Delta Dental’s National EFT and ERA, please contact

How will it benefit me to sign up for direct deposit?

You will receive payments quicker because you no longer have to wait to receive checks in the mail. Your funds will be automatically transferred to your secure bank account.

How long does it take to set my dental office up for direct deposit?

For your protection, each application must be verified by Delta Dental of Illinois’ Professional Relations team for accuracy and TIN match. Therefore, direct deposit will begin as soon as administratively possible. You will receive confirmation from Delta Dental of Illinois once your office is set up to receive direct deposit.  Please note: offices outside of Illinois will need to contact the Delta Dental member company where their dental office is located.

How do I set up direct deposit if I have multiple locations?

If you are a business with the same tax identification number (TIN) at multiple locations, you will need to complete a direct deposit authorization form for each location. Additionally, if you are a dental group with multiple dentists using different TIN’s at several office locations, each dentist with a unique TIN number at each location will need to complete a direct deposit authorization form.

When are direct deposits made to my account?

Delta Dental of Illinois processes payments weekly. A direct deposit banking file will be sent to your bank after business hours on Monday evenings. Explanation of Payments (EOPs) are available on the dentist portal. For offices enrolled in Delta Dental’s National EFT and ERA, please select “National ERA” on the Dentist Portal to access DentalXChange to view benefit payment information or ERAs. 

What is the fastest method of receiving payment, direct deposit or a paper check mailed by the U. S. Postal Service?

Direct deposit is the fastest method. Delta Dental of Illinois sends payments once per week. If you choose direct deposit, your payment avoids preparation and processing of paper checks and mail delivery time. With direct deposit, your payment is automatically transferred to your secure bank account.

Must I be a Delta Dental in-network dentist to participate in the direct deposit program?

We recommend that you are an in-network dentist to assure all payments are assigned to you. However, direct deposit can be set up for all dentists.

If I authorize Delta Dental to make deposits into my bank account, can Delta Dental also withdraw funds from my account?

The direct deposit authorization form only gives a Delta Dental member company permission to transfer funds from a Delta Dental member company’s bank account to your designated bank account.

For additional questions and a list of Delta Dental member company’s websites, please email