Save Time and Reduce Costs with Electronic Claims Submission (ECS)

Delta Dental of Illinois can process electronic claims the same day they are submitted (versus up to 2 weeks for paper claims depending on mail delivery). Plus, an average office saves nearly $1 per electronic claim.1 It’s safe and easy with many benefits!


Save your office time and money

Paper and postage costs are eliminated with electronic claims. Plus, time spent generating and tracking paper claims is significantly reduced.


Receive faster payment and reduce outstanding receivables

Electronic claims are often submitted almost immediately after treatment, which means quicker payment and quicker billing to patients.


Stay updated with quick notification of claim receipt and status

Clearinghouses send timely reports on received, accepted, and rejected electronic claims with opportunities to respond immediately, resulting in fewer rejections and quicker identification of submission issues.


Reduce the risk of exposing patients' personal health information (PHI)

Electronic claims follow a standardized electronic data interchange (EDI) protocol, are encrypted in transit, and do not contain any patient information.

To see how much you can save by switching to electronic claims, you can use this calculator provided by the National Dental EDI Council (NDEDIC).

Follow these tips to help make sure your electronic claims are processed quickly. In addition, please use the following payor IDs with your electronic claims submissions.

  • Group Members Electronic Payor ID - 05030

  • Individual Members Electronic Payor ID - WDENC 

  • DeltaCare IL DHMO Encounter Payor ID - DCILD*

  • DeltaCare Specialty Claims Electronic Payor ID - 05030

If you would like assistance submitting electronic claims, view the list of potential vendors below that can seamlessly integrate with our systems and are easy to work with:

Electronic Claims Partners

  • DentalXChange – Claim Connect

    The premier solution for online dental claims delivery and services. This user-friendly platform processes dental insurance claims, sends attachments and retrieves eligibility and benefit info, quickly and easily.

    Learn more

  • Tesia Clearinghouse

    Enables dentists to submit scanned images, digital attachments, X-rays, and other diagnostic material to Delta Dental.

    Learn more

  • Vyne Dental

    Allows dentists to electronically transmit dental x-rays, perio charts, EOBs, and narratives to payors for claims payment.

    Learn more

  • Change Healthcare (CHC)

    Helps dental practices process clean claims, improve payment accuracy, and streamline denials and appeals management to reduce costs.

    Learn more

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us.

You can also submit electronic claims on the Dentist ConnectionSign up today!

1National Dental EDI Council (NDEDIC) savings calculator.

*Please note: ECS is available for utilization/encounter submissions by general dentists for Illinois DeltaCare members who appear on your DeltaCare monthly rosters. DeltaCare USA has a different payer name and ID for ECS.  Additionally, the specialty claim payer name and ID for DeltaCare has not changed.