Electronic Claims Submissions

Submitting your PPO and Premier claims electronically ensures faster processing and faster payment. In fact, Delta Dental of Illinois can process electronic claims in half the time it takes to handle paper claims.

By submitting an electronic claim immediately after a patient receives treatment, you can ensure your office gets reimbursed faster. Plus, you can bill patients sooner and more quickly collect any outstanding amount they still owe.

Electronic Claims Save Time & Reduce Costs

  • Saves $0.92 per claim for an average office1
  • Leads to fewer rejections due to automated error checking
  • Reduces time-consuming tasks for your staff (i.e., obtaining patient signature, producing follow-up claim files, correcting paper claim forms)
  • Eliminates paper and postage costs

Sign up for Dentist Connection today at deltadentalil.com/dentist to take advantage of quick electronic claims processing and to gain easy access to claims status and more. 

Electronic claim submission is also available for your monthly DeltaCare utilization/encounter submissions. Read more.*

1 National Dental EDI Council (NDEDIC) savings calculator

*Please note: ECS is available for utilization/encounter submissions by general dentists for Illinois DeltaCare members who appear on your DeltaCare monthly rosters. DeltaCare USA has a different payer name and ID for ECS.  Additionally, the specialty claim payer name and ID for DeltaCare has not changed.