As a dentist, you know better than anyone that prevention is critical to achieving good oral health - and education is a vital part of prevention. That's why Delta Dental of Illinois offers its members free access to an online risk assessment tool – the LifeSmile Score Oral Health Assessment by PreViser.

Why Participate?

  • PreViser’s free analytic software gives you an easy-to-use, objective way to measure, understand and communicate your patients’ risk and disease level as a simple numeric score.
  • PreViser makes it easy to track changes in risk level and disease severity over time to evaluate treatment effectiveness and outcomes.
  • Dentists using PreViser report that because patients better understand their oral health needs, they are more compliant and, as a result, are healthier.
  • Patients with certain medical conditions or oral health issues may even qualify for additional preventive care through our Enhanced Benefits Program.

How to Get Started

1. Verify if the patient has Enhanced Benefits attached to their plan.*

2. Visit to create a patient profile and complete patient dental history questions. Click 'Save for Later.'

3. Access with PIN number and pull up the patient's file. Complete risk assessment.

4. Click 'Finish' once complete and print the oral health report showing the patient's score.

5. For a score of 3 or higher, visit to activate the patient's Enhanced Benefits.

6. Provide additional treatments the patient qualifies for based on risk score during the same visit or reschedule as needed.

For more information, contact our Professional Relations department at 630-718-4990 or

*Only patients with Enhanced Benefits will qualify for additional benefits based on their risk score.