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June 2024 News

Driving Wellness Forward: Delta Dental's Dedication to Oral Health 

Delta Dental of Illinois is committed to improving the oral health and well-being of our communities. This commitment starts with our employees and extends to our grantmaking, educational program delivery and training, dental school partnerships, and community support. By expanding access to care, funding facilities, training for dentists, and providing education for local communities, we help build healthier communities.  

Our 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility SMILE Report showcases the collective efforts of Delta Dental of Illinois, Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation, and our like-minded partners in advancing oral care and ensuring that all Illinoisans, especially the most vulnerable, receive the healthcare and education they deserve. In 2023, we invested nearly $2 million to support oral health education, expand access to quality care, and assist organizations across the state in improving oral health, positively impacting more than 170,000 Illinoisans.

As part of our philanthropic and corporate social responsibility efforts, we focused on initiatives that create opportunities for historically underrepresented communities in the dentistry field.  Some of these initiatives include: 

Hispanic Dental Association: Our Foundation supported the Association with a $38,750 grant to support five dental students and one dental hygiene student to continue their education and make a difference in the Hispanic community.    

Midwestern University: Our Foundation awarded $100,000 in Diversity Admissions Scholarships to five Midwestern University dental students from underrepresented minority groups. By supporting young dental professionals through these scholarships, we also hope to improve access to dental care in areas of Illinois that need it most. 

University of Illinois Chicago College of Dentistry’s Inclusive Care Clinic: Our Foundation donated $2 million to the University of Illinois Chicago College of Dentistry to support the expansion of their Inclusive Care Clinic. This clinic is a cornerstone for individuals with disabilities and will ensure Illinoisans with disabilities and special care needs have access to high-quality care. 

Discover the impact of our efforts and more of our initiatives in our 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility SMILE Report

Beyond the local investment and support provided by Delta Dental of Illinois, Delta Dental member companies across the nation have actively invested in local communities. Their efforts have focused on expanding access to care, advancing health equity, fostering resilient communities, and innovating for a healthier future, collectively impacting over 16 million lives. To learn more about Delta Dental’s nationwide efforts, visit  

Online Dentist Resource Center Updates 

Enhance Your Practice With Our Improved Support and Self-Serve Options

Best Times to Contact Us:

We continually strive to enhance our customer service and provide short wait times to support our network dentists better. Here are some important updates and tips for reaching us and using our services efficiently. 

Phone Support: 

We are experiencing a significant increase in call volume and at times, there may be delays in reaching a live agent.  

  • Thursday and Friday in general are the best days to call to reach a live agent more quickly.  
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the hours listed below are the best times to reach a live agent.  
  • Between 7 am and 10:30 am CST 
  • Between 2 pm and 7 pm CST 

As a reminder, checks and EOPs (explanation of payments) are being mailed separately. Change Healthcare printed EOB/EOPs and associated checks for those dentists who do not receive payment from Delta Dental of Illinois through direct deposit (ACH credit). As an interim solution, these are being mailed separately.  If you have questions related to this and accessing your Explanation of Benefits, please see the article below or visit

New Contact Us Form: 

We’ve developed a new contact form where you can submit your questions and provide detailed information. We will respond within 1-2 business days to ensure you receive the answers you need. Fill out the form here to reach our Customer Service team. 

Self-Serve Options: 

Our self-serve options provide an excellent way for you and your staff to quickly find what you need, when you need it to continue serving your patients. 


For Delta Dental of Illinois group members (those who get dental benefits through their employer/group) you can login or register for Dentist Connection to get access to: 

To access online information for Delta Dental of Illinois individual members (those who purchase dental benefits directly from Delta Dental of Illinois or the Illinois marketplace) visit

You use your same login credentials for the Dentist Connection portal on as you do for the portal. And the same login works for all Delta Dental member companies secure portals on their websites.  

Important Reminder:

We recommend each member of your office has a unique username and password for secure site access. 

Benefits on Demand Fax:

We’ve renamed “Faxback” to “Benefits on Demand Fax”. The features remain the same, allowing you to: 

  • Receive automated faxes with Delta Dental of Illinois patients’ eligibility, claim and benefit information on one form. It includes the 50 most-requested codes. 
  • You can also include other covered dependents, so you can get a fax for the entire family with one entry. 
  • You select this option through our automated phone system and receive the fax within 10 minutes or less 
  • Access a Benefits on Demand Fax for group members - 800-323-1743  
  • Access a Benefits on Demand Fax for Individual Policyholder Members - 855-335-8267 

At Delta Dental of Illinois, your satisfaction is our priority. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional customer service so you can continue delivering excellent patient care. 

Accessing Explanation of Payments (EOPs) Through Dentist Connection

Checks and Explanation of Benefits (EOPs) are being printed and sent separately on an interim basis. We know this is not ideal and are working on a permanent solution where checks and EOPs will be mailed together. Change Healthcare printed EOB/EOPs and associated checks for those dentists who do not receive payment from Delta Dental of Illinois through direct deposit (ACH credit).  

If you receive a check and want to check EOPs and can’t locate the printed EOP, you can access bulk EOPs through our online Dentist Connection. Login or register for Dentist Connection. If you are not registered and need assistance, you can register and use our registration guide if needed. 

To access your bulk EOPs in the Dentist Connection, go to the Claims Payments tab and click "Explanation of Payment". View this guide for more information. 

Dentists who receive payment through direct deposit have always had access to bulk EOPs online. Sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), also known as direct deposit, to experience the benefits of faster and more efficient transactions. 

Direct deposit is a safe, easy, and efficient way to receive weekly payments directly into your designated bank account. Submit your Delta Dental PPO and Premier claims electronically for faster processing and payment. 

Already receiving national Delta Dental EFT payments?

If you are already receiving provider payments via Delta Dental National EFT at your office, you will not need to take further action. 

You will get an email notification for Delta Dental of Illinois Individual & Family Plan Explanation of Payments (EOPs) on Mondays, with direct deposits made on Wednesdays into your existing account. No paper checks will be sent. 

You can access the EOPs for your Individual & Family Plan patients at If you are not already signed up to receive payments via Delta Dental National EFT, you can start now! It is convenient, secure, and available at no additional cost to your office.  

Sign up for Delta Dental National EFT Provider Payments 

To sign up: follow the instructions on the Direct Deposit Authorization form. Email questions about direct deposit to  

Direct Deposit with Delta Dental of Illinois Only

If you are participating in direct deposit with Delta Dental of Illinois only, you will not receive provider payments via direct deposit for Delta Dental of Illinois Individual and Family patients. 

Our online dentist resources center is dedicated to streamlining your administrative tasks. With links to materials and forms, you'll have immediate access to the information you need.  

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Interested in Growing Your Patient Base?

Grow Your Practice With the DeltaCare Dental HMO Program

Are you interested in growing your patient base?  

By answering the questions below, you can determine when it's necessary to seek patient growth assistance beyond your practice. 

  • Do you have open chair time? 
  • Are you tired of cancelations leaving large gaps in your schedule? 
  • Are you new to an area that you’d like to become more visible in? 
  • Have you recently hired a new associate whose schedule needs filling?  
  • Are you a new graduate just starting out? 

Our DeltaCare dental HMO program could be a great way to add patients. Members enrolled in DeltaCare must pick a facility for them and their covered family members, and there are over two million covered members looking for a DeltaCare dentist. With a network of dentists spanning over 87,500 locations nationwide, we are confident it can bring results to your practice too.   

We have various ways to assist you with this program to ensure a profitable experience. 

  • An immediate patient base. 
  • Offices are strategically placed to ensure their success.  
  • Office training provided to warrant a positive experience. 
  • Generous specialty referral listing for your referral needs.  
  • Added supplements for various procedures.  
  • Reimbursement of $4.00 for utilization submitted.  
  • A dependable capitation payment issued monthly.     
  • Annual analysis provided to evaluate facility production.   

If you are interested in learning how the DeltaCare dental HMO program could work for your office, please fill out the DeltaCare HMO profile and email it to Lynne Williams at  

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Prepare for September 2024 License Renewal with Delta Dental of Illinois

Manage Your Continuing Education (CE) With Our Dental Workforce Academy (DWA)

At Delta Dental of Illinois, we understand the importance of supporting our network dentists and their dental office staff in Illinois. Illinois dentists must renew their license by September 2024 in Illinois. Let us help you prepare.  

Our Dental Workforce Academy (DWA) provides a range of valuable services, such as free continuing education (CE) courses, CPR certification, and additional oral health resources to share with patients. Learn more about our DWA program to prepare for license renewal in the fall.