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  • Sports mouth guards to protect against dental injuries
    Aug. 13, 2021

    Sports mouth guards to protect against dental injuries

    General oral health

    Sports mouth guards, also called mouth protectors or athletic mouth guards, are devices that are used to protect the teeth, gums and soft tissues of the mouth from sports-related injuries. The American Dental Association recommends people of all ages use a mouth guard if they are participating in contact sports or other activities that could cause mouth or dental injury.

  • No Mouthguard? That's Madness.
    Mar. 23, 2016

    No Mouthguard? That's Madness.

    General oral health

    Certain college basketball teams may be smiling this month as they advance further in the big tournament – but if they don't wear mouthguards, those smiles won't last long. Players who don't use mouth protection may think the likelihood of a mouth injury is small, but earlier this season, two NBA players inadvertently made the... More »

  • Oral Health on the Road
    Jun. 24, 2015

    Oral Health on the Road

    General oral health

    You may be getting ready for a well-deserved vacation. Do you know what to do if a dental disaster strikes when you're miles from your regular dentist? We're here to help your vacation. Find an In-Network Dentist Before you leave town, remember to become familiar with your dental coverage. Your plan details will indicate if... More »