When Pica Strikes: Substances Not for Snacking

Posted on May 27, 2015 in General oral health

Lifestyle_Woman Eating Salad_African AmericanWhen you reach for a snack, you may grab an apple, a cup of yogurt or cheese and crackers – not a stick of chalk. But for people with pica, an eating disorder that causes cravings for nonfood substances, those unorthodox eats are all too real.

Pica can be caused by depression, stress, anxiety and mineral deficiencies. Some substances that pica sufferers commonly ingest include clay, chalk, plaster, paper, soil and pencil erasers. But this habit isn't just unusual – it's downright harmful. Eating non-nutritive items that aren't meant to be consumed can not only lead to serious stomach and other systemic problems, but also may wear down tooth enamel and structures at a faster rate, eventually leading to tooth loss.

Pica is more common in women and children, and it's not uncommon for pica to pop up during pregnancy. A pregnant woman with an iron deficiency, for example, might seek materials containing that mineral, such as clay.1

If you find yourself craving strange substances, discuss the craving and your dietary habits with your physician. He or she should be able to diagnose the problem and prescribe supplements and dietary changes that will help curb the cravings. If you currently suffer from pica (or have in the past) and your teeth paid the price, let your dentist know. There are options to help restore your teeth to their former state.

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