How to Tell if Your Dentist is In-Network

Posted on January 20, 2017 in Dental benefit information

One of the many ways Delta Dental of Illinois saves members money on dental services is by establishing lower costs with dentists. Dentists who agree to these pre-established fees are called in-network dentists, and Delta Dental of Illinois has one of the largest networks of dentists in the country. With nearly 156,000 dentists nationwide, there's a good chance your dentist already participates!

Are you looking for a new dentist, or not sure if your current dentist is in-network? Here's how to find a Delta Dental network dentist:

  1. Go to
  2. Find your plan type by logging into your account. If you don't have an account, you can register for one at
  3. Click on “Provider Search” to look up your dentist or find an in-network dentist in your area. You can search by address, zip code or dentist's name. 
  4. Our “Provider Search” will show you what Delta Dental networks the dentist participates in.

You will likely save the most and maximize your benefit dollars by choosing a Delta Dental PPO dentist. Delta Dental PPO dentists agree to our PPO fees, which are greatly reduced from what a dentist would typically charge, as payment in full.  Delta Dental Premier is a safety net to our Delta Dental PPO network. You will pay more out-of-pocket with a Delta Dental Premier dentist compared to a Delta Dental PPO dentist. However, you may save more money with a Delta Dental Premier dentist compared to a non-network dentist. Delta Dental Premier dentists agree to our maximum plan allowances, which may be lower in some cases than what a dentist would typically charge, as payment in full.  All Delta Dental network dentists agree not to “balance bill” patients, meaning they won't charge patients the difference between the pre-established fee and their usual fee.

You can also have a conversation with your dentist about network status. Most dentists accept Delta Dental, so instead of asking if they are a “Delta Dental” dentist, be sure to confirm which networks they participate in.