Top Benefits of Moving your Dental Office to the Cloud

Posted on December 8, 2022 in Dental benefit information

A quick review of dental practice market data will tell you that most dental practices have long begun the transition to digital. However, many offices have only scratched the surface of what digital, cloud-based technology can do for them. 

Cloud-based software provides numerous advantages over traditional desktop-based solutions, including 24/7 access from anywhere and automatic software updates. In addition, cloud-based solutions can often be more affordable than traditional software, making them a great option for dental practices looking to save money.

Physical Storage 

The term "cloud-based" simply means that something is being stored remotely online instead of on a physical device in your office. In the case of healthcare, this means storing patient information, images, documents, and more on a secure server instead of on an office computer or multiple file cabinets. 

There are many benefits to this type of storage, but the most obvious one is that it frees up space in the dental office. Cloud-based storage also allows dentists and staff to put the extra space to efficient use, such as acquiring additional patient rooms or having the ability to house more equipment. 

More Efficiency 

With real-time updates and automatic appointment reminders, your staff will be able to manage patients more easily and quickly. In addition, cloud-based digital records are easy to access and share, making it simple to coordinate care between different providers.  

The adoption of electronic claims submissions (ECS) has been on the rise in recent years, thanks in part to the advent of cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based ECS solutions are popular because they're processed immediately after the claim has been submitted, meaning quicker payment. Since claims are processed electronically, there's no need to worry about lost or misplaced paper claim forms. Additionally, ECS can help reduce errors and improve overall efficiency in the office. If you're considering making the switch, be sure to talk to your software provider about how to seamlessly integrate your platform with ECS. 

Access in an Emergency 

Offices that are still primarily paper-based are the most vulnerable if documents are destroyed. Even when there is a backup system in place, it can be difficult to recover lost data. 

In the event of an emergency such as a natural disaster or fire, it is crucial that dentists have access to patient information. If an office is still primarily paper-based, this can be difficult to achieve. However, if dental offices switch to cloud-based software, they can easily access patient information from any location and offer care to their patients. This is not only convenient for dentists, but it also helps ensure that patient records are always available. 

As more industries and businesses make the switch to the cloud, it's clear that this technology is here to stay.