Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) Certification

Delta Dental of Illinois is offering an accredited online training program through Apple Dental Education to provide qualifying dental assistants certification in dental sealant placement and dental prophylaxis.

Selected applicants attend a 4.5-hour live online training session and receive study models to perform the polish and sealant placement on their own, sending photos to Apple Dental Education. The dentist completes the training by observing 6 sealant placements.

Space is limited and is first come, first served. Upon application, Delta Dental of Illinois will review submissions, and once approved, applicants will receive an email with their course approval and information on how to enroll.

Apply for this program by completing the form below. Please note: if you would like to apply for the EFDA program and one of the dental assistant courses, please only complete the below form once. There will be a place on the form to indicate your interest in both programs. By submitting your application, you attest that you are a resident of Illinois and are a Delta Dental of Illinois network dentist, or employed by the dentist listed on your application.

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Applicant Information

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