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H2O On-the-Go

The Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation and Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation will provide grants to replace existing drinking fountains with new water fountain/bottle filling stations at a number of selected elementary, middle and high schools in Illinois. This includes installation, as well as reusable water bottles and toothbrushes for all students and staff.

Preference will be given to schools in a community with optimally fluoridated water and who do not have a water fountain/bottle filling station already installed.

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Additional Information Needed

If you do not know if your school is in a county with optimally fluoridated water, you can view can check by viewing this list.

Upload Photos and Additional Documents

Your photos should show the front and sides of the existing fountain as well as the surrounding environment (near a doorway, ledge, electrical outlet, etc.) so that the distributors/installers can determine the ideal water filling station as well as installation time/methods.

If you have multiple documents, please combine them into one file using a scanner prior to uploading.