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  • The truth about the Tooth Fairy
    Aug. 3, 2020

    The truth about the Tooth Fairy

    Children’s Oral Health

    Lose a tooth. Place it under your pillow. Wake up in the morning and find a gift and/or money! It almost sounds too good to be true. As long as the Tooth Fairy has been around — more than 100 years — this beloved character has sparked curiosity in the little ones who benefit from her generosity. Here are some common questions parents face about this winged wonder, along with tips on how you might answer those inquiries.

  • Salted Edamame
    Feb. 13, 2018

    Salted Edamame


    Ingredients: 2 cups fresh or frozen edamame in pods 6 cups water 1 tablespoon coarse salt Directions: Bring water and salt to a boil. Add edamame and cook for 5 minutes or until tender enough to easily pop out of the pods. Drain and toss the pods with salt, then serve warm or cold.

  • Keep Your Sweet Tooth Healthy This Holiday Season
    Dec. 4, 2017

    Keep Your Sweet Tooth Healthy This Holiday Season

    General oral health

    Family gatherings, cookie decorating, work celebrations, friend get-togethers, school performances – calendars fill up quickly during the holiday season. When the days are jam-packed, it's easy to skip an evening brushing session or munch on sweets instead of healthy snacks. The occasional slip-up won't harm your oral health – just don't make it a habit.... More »

  • Treat Giving Expected To Be Up This Halloween
    Oct. 12, 2015

    Treat Giving Expected To Be Up This Halloween

    Children’s Oral Health

    New Delta Dental Analysis Breaks Down Halloween Treat Giving Trends If the current trends continue, some good news may be on the horizon for Illinois children this Halloween. Households giving out treats will be up this year, while parents eating their kids' Halloween candy will decrease according to a new analysis by Delta Dental of... More »