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  • Six steps toward a healthier 2021
    Jan. 11, 2021

    Six steps toward a healthier 2021

    General oral health

    As we journey on in 2021, New Year’s resolutions for wellness remain more important than ever — and staying healthy continues to beat the top of everyone’s minds. Your oral health is closely connected with your overall health. By taking care of your teeth and gums each day, you’re also taking steps toward better health and well-being for your whole body. If you have faltered on your New Year’s resolutions so far, don’t worry – it takes time to solidify new healthy habits.

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  • Greek Yogurt Hummus
    Jan. 31, 2019

    Greek Yogurt Hummus


    ​This recipe for hummus with Greek yogurt is a satisfying appetizer or snack that’s good for your smile! Chickpeas are packed with folic acid, which helps facilitate healthy cell growth in your mouth.1 And if you use celery or carrot sticks instead of pita chips to dip in the hummus, it’s even better. Celery and carrots help clean teeth with their crunchy texture.

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  • Preventive Care in the New Year
    Jan. 1, 2019

    Preventive Care in the New Year

    General oral health

    The new year is a great time to schedule dental checkups and cleanings. With most Delta Dental of Illinois plans, preventive care, like exams and cleanings, is provided at little or no cost to you. Plus, Delta Dental of Illinois and most dental offices, make scheduling appointments quick and easy. Check out why preventive care is important and follow our tips for fitting regular appointments into your busy schedule.

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  • Your Dental Benefits in the New Year
    Jan. 10, 2018

    Your Dental Benefits in the New Year

    Dental benefit information

    Now that we've flipped the calendar to the new year, planning is underway for many. As you're organizing your finances and other paperwork, it's also a great time to check on the status of your dental benefits. First, check to see if your dental benefits renew at the calendar year or the contract year,... More »

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  • Get a Fit Smile This Year!
    Jan. 5, 2018

    Get a Fit Smile This Year!

    General oral health

    The new year is a time for picking resolutions and sticking to them (for as long as possible). In addition to working out and eating healthy, why not consider the “fitness” of your teeth? Along with building strong muscles, take these steps to build strong enamel.1 Limit sugary foods and drinks. Bacteria in your mouth... More »

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