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  • Why cigars can be just as dangerous as cigarettes
    Nov. 1, 2019

    Why cigars can be just as dangerous as cigarettes

    General oral health

    Once largely the domain of older men, cigar smoking is now also popular with teens. In fact, a higher percentage of high school students than adults say they smoke cigars, with flavored cigars likely driving youth appeal.Unfortunately, this habit can not only lead to oral health problems, but it’s also addictive and can be just as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. Teens are especially vulnerable to nicotine addiction.

  • Oral Cancer Awareness
    Apr. 2, 2018

    Oral Cancer Awareness

    General oral health

    Regular dental exams are important for oral cancer detection Nearly 16 percent of Illinois residents smoke and about 3 percent use smokeless tobacco.1 While most people are aware that tobacco can cause cancer, many are unaware it's a leading risk factor for oral cancer. Delta Dental of Illinois... More »