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  • Get Smart About Wisdom Teeth
    May 24, 2017

    Get Smart About Wisdom Teeth

    General oral health

    Wisdom teeth, or “third molars,” are the final set of adult teeth to push through the gums in the back of both sides of the jaws. They usually emerge between the ages of 17 and 21 to complete your full set of 32 teeth. Problems arise, however, when there isn't enough room for the wisdom... More »

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  • Take the Scare Out of Dental X-Rays
    Oct. 6, 2016

    Take the Scare Out of Dental X-Rays

    General oral health

    Dentists typically use X-rays to better investigate dental issues not evident to the naked eye, provide a baseline of a patient's oral health history, monitor developing teeth (in children) and assess the health of bones and supporting gum tissues that hold teeth in place. X-rays use radiation to capture those images, and you've probably heard... More »

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  • How Many Dental X-Rays Do Your Kids Need?
    Mar. 11, 2014

    How Many Dental X-Rays Do Your Kids Need?

    Children’s Oral Health

    X-rays have always been a valuable tool for finding problems in teeth and the bones surrounding teeth. However, all X-rays use ionizing radiation that can potentially cause damage. Though it is spread out in tiny doses, the effect of radiation from years of X-rays is cumulative. The risks associated with this radiation are greater for... More »

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