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  • What is COBRA insurance?
    Jul. 15, 2020

    What is COBRA insurance?

    Dental benefit information

    “COBRA” stands for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act and is a 1985 federal law to provide relief for those who experience a job loss, or other qualifying event, allowing them to continue their existing medical, vision, and dental insurance coverage for a limited period – typically 18 months after the final day of employment. In rarer circumstances, COBRA coverage is available for up to 36 months.

  • Choosing Between a General and Pediatric Dentist
    Feb. 15, 2019

    Choosing Between a General and Pediatric Dentist

    Children’s Oral Health

    When looking for a dentist for your children, it can be tough to know who to see. Should you search for a general family dentist or would your children benefit from pediatric care? You can’t go wrong either way, but it’s good to have all the facts before you make a decision. Similarities Both accredited general and pediatric dentists have the training necessary to offer a high level of care to children. If you have an existing relationship with a family dentist you trust to provide quality care,