Headaches Getting You Down? A Run Down of TMJ

Posted on June 13, 2013 in General oral health

Headache Awareness Week Shines Light on TMJ

If you are struggling with daily headaches, you are not alone. Many people continually feel a dull ache in their head as they go about their daily activities. Work, grocery shopping, even your children's sporting events can be difficult to get through with constant pain.

Some people have adapted to the pain and find it a “normal” part of their life. But what if it is something more? What if daily stress is causing you to grind your teeth or clench your jaw at night?

Well if you to grind your teeth, you risk developing painful jaw disorders.

Signs of TMJ

There are telltale signs that you may develop a painful jaw disorder. Headaches are one of them. When you're singing loudly in the car, does your jaw pop or click when you hit those high notes? Clicking and popping are also two very common symptoms of jaw disorders like TMJ. Most victims of TMJ do not visit the dentists and tend to suffer in silence.

6 Tips to Reduce TMJ Pain

If I have just described your symptoms, you CAN take measures to reduce the pain you are feeling.

1) Avoid food that requires a lot of chewing.
2) Avoid activities that involve intense jaw movement (this means no singing loudly!).
3) Massage the affected areas when pain is present.
4) Practice techniques for relaxing and reducing stress.
5) Apply ice packs to soothe the muscles.

If you try these techniques and they do not work, see your dentist and ask about a mouth guard. A good mouth guard can help with the pain and you won't have to live with those headaches anymore!