Two FQHCs Receive Grants to Expand Children’s Oral Health Care Services

Posted on September 23, 2022 in Corporate Social Responsibility

Two Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in Illinois recently were awarded grants totaling $500,000 by Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation to help improve the oral health of Illinois children as part of the Federally Qualified Health Center Capacity Building Program funded by Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation and Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation. The program aims to address the need for comprehensive oral health services by increasing health awareness, education and access to care.

Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation’s Recipients of the FQHC Capacity Building Grants include:

  • Pillars Community Health, LaGrange, PCH Riverside – New Oral Health Access, $400,000
  • Heartland International Health Center, Chicago, Early Childhood Caries Prevention Program at HHC Devon, $100,000

Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation also recently awarded grants to seven other FQHCs as part of this initiative.

FQHCs represent the backbone of the system for providing healthcare to the most vulnerable children and families in Illinois. FQHCs provide patients with quality, integrated, holistic care inclusive of medical, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy and/or other vital services. 

Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation and Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation recognize the significance of FQHCs and value the partnerships created toward creating healthier communities and a chance for every child in Illinois to grow up healthy.