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Delta Dental of Illinois offers a host of reports to track your dental plan’s performance. See below for options.

Fee-Inclusive Reports

As part of our commitment to helping groups control benefit costs and manage their benefits programs, we offer a superior package of fee-inclusive management reports for employer groups with 150 or more employees to help manage dental care and benefit costs at no additional cost. These comprehensive management reports provide statistical detail of key activity, including claim payments, cost savings and network usage, along with graphic illustrations to help groups get a better picture of their benefits package.

Each comprehensive report contains the information a group needs to understand how its members are utilizing their dental benefits, including:

  • Monthly Activity – summary of claims and enrollment 
  • Claims by Coverage Category – breakdown of paid claims by dental category
  • Dentist Selection Patterns – distribution of claim payments by dentist network status
  • Delta Dental PPOTM Usage and Savings – quantifies savings achieved through the Delta Dental PPO network
  • Cost Management Savings – summary of savings resulting from Delta Dental’s cost management mechanisms
  • Claim Lag – summary of claim payments by treatment date
  • Member Age Distribution – comparison of a group age distribution profiles with Delta Dental averages
  • Charges Billed by Age – breakdown of billed chart by procedure category and age distribution
  • Subscriber Statistics – demographic profile of group
  • Dentist Payment Distribution – review of the group's highest volume dentists and their network status

As dictated by the group’s preference, reports are made available via hard copy or email on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

Ad-hoc Reports

Delta Dental of Illinois offers a superior package of management reports. Most of our clients find that our standard reports provide all the necessary information to effectively manage their dental programs. However, we can also provide ad-hoc reports at no additional cost if we have the data, unless the requested reports are unusually complex or resource-intensive. Please contact your account manager for more information. 

Dental Action Report (DAR)

The Dental Action Report uses group data to help groups measure their oral health progress against peers. We can use this report to track oral health of the group and recommend plan changes or follow up communications to help shift behavior.


Book of Business Benefit Analysis Benchmark Report

We produce an annual book of business report that summarizes key plan attributes for our book of business. We use this to inform dental plan change recommendations as appropriate.