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June 2024 News

Delta Dental of Illinois Initiatives: Promoting Oral Health & Education

Driving Wellness Forward: Delta Dental's Dedication to Oral Health

Delta Dental of Illinois is committed to improving the oral health and well-being of our communities. This commitment starts with our employees and extends to our grantmaking, educational program delivery and training, dental school partnerships, and community support. By expanding access to care, funding facilities, training for dentists, and providing education for local communities, we help build healthier communities.  

Our 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility SMILE Report showcases the collective efforts of Delta Dental of Illinois, Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation, and our like-minded partners in advancing oral care and ensuring that all Illinoisans, especially the most vulnerable, receive the healthcare and education they deserve. In 2023, we invested nearly $2 million to support oral health education, expand access to quality care, and assist organizations across the state in improving oral health, positively impacting more than 170,000 Illinoisans.  

Discover the impact of our efforts and more of our initiatives in our 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility SMILE Report

Beyond the local investment and support provided by Delta Dental of Illinois, Delta Dental member companies across the nation have actively invested in local communities. Their efforts have focused on expanding access to care, advancing health equity, fostering resilient communities, and innovating for a healthier future, collectively impacting over 16 million lives. To learn more about Delta Dental’s nationwide efforts, read Delta Dental’s 2023 Community Impact Report:

2024 Oral Health & Wellness Report: 91% of Adults Value Preventive Dental Care

Dental’s 2024 State of America’s Oral Health and Wellness Report highlights the crucial link between oral health and overall wellness, showing that 91% of adults believe that a dental visit is as important as an annual physical. 

Not only have adults recognized the importance of preventive care, but the report found that now more U.S. adults seek dental plans that cover basic preventive care. Two free preventive cleanings are a must-have for any plan, with 63% of adults indicating they’d want this benefit as part of their coverage.  

The results are clear – dental insurance is important in helping people receive necessary and affordable oral care. 

Read the full 2024 State of America’s Oral Health and Wellness Report and learn more about the report’s methodology and findings. 

Delta Dental of Illinois Ensures Access to Care and Network Savings through Strong Networks 

Nationwide access

Our dentist networks are among the largest in the nation with more than 3 out of 4 dentists participating. More than 85% of Delta Dental of Illinois members use a network dentist. The size of our network combined with high network utilization equals more savings for members and groups alike. Plus, our plans offer unique member protections when they use a network dentist and members report high quality care with network providers.  

Network stability with strong network growth

Delta Dental of Illinois fosters strong relationships with dentists in Illinois — handling all recruitment locally from our Naperville headquarters. Our networks continue to grow. Nationally, Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier networks growth was 5%, and in Illinois, 8% when comparing access points from 2021 to 2023.  

More savings

The Delta Dental PPO network provides the industry’s most effective discount. That means groups and individuals enjoy the benefits of access to more affordable care. 

Better protections

Stringent Quality Assurance 

Dentists who join our network must agree to abide by our processing policies and network contract. This includes a thorough credentialing process to join the network and ongoing re-credentialing processes to ensure dentists continue to meet certain requirements. 

Zero Balance Billing 

Network dentists cannot balance bill and are prohibited from unbundling or re-bundling claims – ensuring separate fees are not charged for work included in certain procedures. By prohibiting dentists from collecting any amounts over our allowed fees, we protect members from unexpected charges. 

Unrivaled Service Warranties 

Our policies and contracts require network dentists to warranty many of the procedures they perform. If a Delta Dental member needs to have an applicable service redone within a certain timeframe, neither the member nor the member’s plan is responsible for the cost of the re-treatment – provided the procedure is performed by the same dentist who rendered the initial service. 

Exceptional patient experience

As the first and only carrier to implement the nation’s most preeminent patient experience survey, C.A.H.P.S. (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) Dental Plan Survey, we have found that our members consistently rate their interactions with Delta Dental dentists as exceptional, with an average rating of 9.5 out of 10

Tailored Dental Plans to Meet Your Clients’ Needs 

We are dedicated to providing flexible and tailored dental plans to fit your clients’ specific needs. For groups with more than 150 eligible employees, we offer individually underwritten plans with fully-insured, self-funded, and voluntary options available. Any of our plans can be offered on a voluntary basis, ensuring your clients do not bear the premium cost. 

Offer your clients a plan that fits

Maximize Client Benefits and Broker Rewards 

Enhance Your Clients' Coverage with DeltaVision® Plans

Discover how recommending a DeltaVision® plan can benefit your clients.  

See the advantages of bundling a vision plan with a Delta Dental of Illinois dental plan: 

  • Combined billing for both dental and vision benefits 
  • Simplified administration from a dedicated service team 
  • EyeMed's large network of more than 74,000 providers nationwide 
  • Access to independent eye doctors and leading optical retailers 
  • Savings of up to 40% on additional vision care purchases 

Your clients receive a 2% discount on their dental plan when they add DeltaVision coverage. 

Contact us for more information on bundling a DeltaVision plan or to request a quote. 

For brokers who sell to individuals, our Delta Dental of Illinois Individual and Family plans also offer two DeltaVision plans. Learn more.  

Get Rewarded When You Place Business With Us

With Delta Dental of Illinois, your clients can trust and rely upon us for all their oral healthcare needs. Our flexible plan designs offer attractive cost-saving strategies while our nationwide network of dentists provides extensive knowledge and expertise. When you place business with us, your clients receive unparalleled expertise, network usage, and savings through the industry’s best network effective discount. Get rewarded with our incentive compensation for business you place with us.  

Our additional promotional program allows you to earn an additional $500 to $1,000 bonus per group (dependent on size) for every college, school, or municipality you place with Delta Dental of Illinois. Your clients get unmatched expertise and the strongest network in Illinois. You get a generous bonus per qualified group*.  

Colleges, Schools, and Municipalities 

  • Earn a $500 bonus per group with 51-150 eligible enrollees  
  • Earn a $1,000 bonus per group with 151+ eligible enrollees 

Your recommendations are greatly valued, and we will continue to recognize and reward you with a competitive compensation program.