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Cheers for Peers

Lance Guilford and Darren Avant

Nominated by: Joanne Hoger

Thanks for assistance with State of Illinois College Choice Plan dental claims.

Kathy Nelson

Nominated by: Loyda Acosta

Hi Kathy... It was truly a pleasure observing your annual review with Wilton. I admire your professional and personable relationship with the client.

Thanks for a great learning experience!

Michelle Govan

Nominated by: Ann Marie Walker

Michelle continues to bring it - accountability, thoroughness, dedication drive and leadership - to her work on the Voice of the Customer Team. She ALWAYS raises her hand and is the epitome of a team player. Plus, she always brings a smile and great attitude. Thank you, Michelle!

Kasia Pruszynski and Veronica Wilson

Nominated by: Michelle Govan

Veronica and Kasia have been doing a wonderful job with the Provider in-depth interviews for the Voice of the Customer cross-functional team. They have both been very warm and engaging and so accommodating during this new process. Thank you both for all that you do!

Dena Austin

Nominated by: Natalie Burns

I have been with Delta Dental of Illinois for 6 years, all in client services. I have grown and learned over the years. My ITL has really shown me that I am capable. With that being said, they believed in me, and I came out strong. Believe in yourself, you will thank yourself later. Dena is patient, kind, to the point and always willing to help when needed. She has shown and proved herself that she is a great leader and I can't thank her enough! Thank you Dena for giving me opportunity, to grow, and learn more than I can imagine. I am up for more and a challenge. Thank you!

Dawn Ritter

Nominated by: Loyda Acosta

Hey Delta Dawn! Thank you so much for including me in the new hire training for the Customer Experience team. It was a fun learning experience that has certainly enriched my knowledge about a critical part of our business. Your style and approach to teaching a wide variety of topics is certainly appreciated.

Cristina Renteria and Jennifer Winston

Nominated by: Cathy Schmidt

Thank you to Cristina and Jennifer for their assistance with the IPBC sublocation matrix. They were readily available to assist with questions and discussions related to this complex account structure set up.

Sheila Rippel

Nominated by: Loyda Acosta

It's been a great first week with all the warm welcomes and helpful information from everyone I was able to connect with!

I want to give a special shoutout to Sheila who took extra time to support me with a technical issue. She was able to quickly identify the problem and followed up on my behalf to help get it resolved. Sheila took our interaction a step further by giving me a high level overview of the tool and providing me with examples of what to expect.

Vanessa Wilczak

Nominated by: Loyda Acosta

Vanessa was instrumental with my onboarding! She provided a thorough and helpful orientation on day one and continued to help me the days that followed with several questions.

Dawn Ritter and Dena Austin

Nominated by: Terry Maddox

A wonderfully fun program was put together by Dawn Ritter and promoted by Dena Austin to challenge the CERs to participate in a virtual Easter Egg Hunt. Not only was it a fun event, but also promoted a better understanding of the department's Confluence knowledgebase (where the eggs were hidden). Nice job!

Professional Services: Pauline Smith, Kasia Prusynski and Julie Johnson

Nominated by: Terry Maddox

You all decreased the number of dentists on hold by 30%. That's a huge impact on reducing our claims suspend rate and turnaround time. This aligns with our strategic initiative to decrease administrative expense, and it helps everyone's incentive comp bonus results. Thank you!!

Sales Administration - Lisa Dean, Jeanie McLaughlin, Lydia Saad, Kevin Stolz, Misty Proper & Small Group Account Managers - Bruce Vetrovec, Andrew Caniglia, Krystle Hinkle

Nominated by: Louisa Brito

I want to thank my entire team for all their hard work and dedication, I appreciate all you do, keep up the great work!!

QA Department: Jullie Tiongson, Autumn Adams, Alice Miranda, Crystal Pryor

Nominated by: Diane Finan

As we are ending the first quarter, I want to recognize the QA Department for their incredible hard work this quarter. They are on target to complete all of the new group audits by the end of this quarter, despite the fact that the new groups were some of the most complicated to audit. Many of them included multiple plans and duplication analyses which make them much more difficult and time-consuming to audit. They are accomplishing this in addition to also performing the daily ICS audits themselves, wherein prior years a temp was hired for the first quarter of the year. The team made a decision for efficiency-purposes and due to the work-from-home situation that they would handle it this year instead of using a temp. Finally, also in the first quarter a new peer review process was implemented to further ensure the quality of the new group set-ups, particularly for higher profile groups. Even more important than the hard work and overtime everybody has been putting in, I mostly appreciate everybody's great attitudes and understanding of how their team's work accomplishes the goals of the Enterprise. Thank you Jullie, Crystal, Alice, and Autumn!!!

The Entire Group Maintenance Department: Jennifer Winston, Cristina Renteria, Anna Garcia, Nedra Draper, Tisha Anderson, Roberta Maruszak, Nikki Burton and Regina Golab

Nominated by: Grace Denemark

Thank You and Congratulations for all the hard work that this team puts into meeting our Delta Dental of Illinois and TruAssure strategic and financial goals. You all ROCK !!

Grace Denemark and Barry Clarke

Nominated by: Kristin Myer and Ann Marie Walker

We are working on a very time sensitive project to potentially add a new Delta Dental of Illinois ACA plan next year. Because of the timing, we needed to get some initial information very quickly. Grace jumped in and was able to very quickly provide an amazing duplication analysis that not only compared the data we requested, but provided a bunch of additional information that will help us as we move forward with this project. Barry was able to take that information and create a whole new plan design in only a couple of days. Both of them provided great information with no advance notice and very little guidance. What's more they went the extra mile with their typical attention to detail, but also with a smile and a great team spirit! We really appreciate your skill, hard work, and dedication!

Daniel Rotolo and Jullie Tiongson

Nominated by: Diane Finan

The QA department recognized a need to improve their process of reporting monthly performance guarantee results to over 150 groups with various guarantees, so QA reached out to the Data Team for help. Jullie as the QA Lead worked with Daniel from the Data Team who worked to automate a large part of this process. Daniel and Jullie did a great job working together which ultimately led to the development of automated monthly reporting to make this reporting process much more efficient. In fact, this automation will save the QA department approximately 40 or more hours every month. Thanks to both Daniel and Jullie on this successful collaboration!

Product Innovation Team (Kristin Myer, Pauline Smith, Sandy Misas, Kathy Nelson, Khristi Blocton, Stacy Beitzel, Grace Denemark)

Nominated by: Ann Marie Walker

The team presented to Leadership today (1/28) and did a fabulous job! It's not just their presentation skills that were top-notch, but more importantly, the work they have done collaboratively as a team. They showcased what the Product Innovation Team has accomplished in 2020 and each of them played a key role (as well as many of our enterprise colleagues who submitted IDEAs to the team for review - thank you!). I'm so proud of this team and as I let them all know, I'm privileged to work alongside each of them. They represent our enterprise values every day. Thank you, Kristin, Pauline, Sandy, Kathy, Khristi, Stacy and Grace!

Brenda Holley, Cassandra Koopman, Diane Cerino, Phyliss Williams, Veronica Wilson, Jill Beckmann, Andrea Holmes, Krista Collins, Sofia Brady, Teraza McCullum & Tracy Enders

Nominated by: Mary Bowers

I would like to send a shout-out to the entire claims processing team, for their diligence and dedication! Keep up the good work and Thank You for all your effort.

Kim Thorsen

Nominated by: Julie Johnson

Kim is the newest member of Professional Services. I truly appreciate that she is my partner in answering calls from dental offices, which she does with speed and much more knowledge than a person "off the street" could have done. Many callers that I speak to that she already has, compliment her professionalism. Her phone skills are also versatile as she has been able to assist with other projects that has required making outbound calls.

Christine Kirkwood

Nominated by: Julie Johnson

Christine is responsible for entering all of our dentist's information into the system. She does this quickly and efficiently which makes all of our jobs much easier when communicating with dental offices. Christine has a very heavy load which she does cheerfully, especially when she receives special requests to expedite a contract or change. We couldn't do what we do, as well as we do it, without Christine.

Tiffany Campbell

Nominated by: Julie Johnson

Tiffany is our "TruAssure" person. She works very hard to keep TruAssure within goal. Because of how hard she works, sometimes we forget she a member of our Department. We generally do not have to go to Tiffany because her area is different than ours. So I just want to recognize her as a vital member of our Team and let her know we appreciate her contribution to servicing our dentists, but in a different path than the one the rest of us travel.

Kasia Pruszynski

Nominated by: Julie Johnson

Kasia is a newer member of our Team and has already established herself as the "go to" person in many areas.

Louisa Brito

Nominated by: Kristin Myer

Louisa is a great person to work with. She is always responsive and helpful. She is thoughtful and is always willing to talk something out, offer advice, or just lend an ear when needed.

Andrea Gainz

Nominated by: Jimena Gaytan

Andrea is always very pleasant in all interactions I have with her whether via phone or email. She is also very patient and courteous when requesting things from me. I love that she always ends her email with ...I appreciate you/and or your help. She also always checks in to see how me and my family are doing. She makes me feel like I matter and genuinely cares. Although these may seem small details... they go along way. Especially when we are all going though psychology challenging and isolating times.

Kristin Myer

Nominated by: Ann Marie Walker

Kristin ALWAYS jumps on projects and is so thorough, but yet so fast to respond. I appreciate Kristin's dedication and her quality of work. She can always be counted on and it's so appreciated!

Erika Barney

Nominated by: Kristin Myer

Erika did a great job of planning and executing our first ever remote Ethics & Compliance week this year. She worked very hard to make sure all employees and all teams were able to participate and felt included. 

Sandy Misas and the Consumer Direct Team

Nominated by: Michelle Govan

Sandy and the Consumer Direct Team have been working diligently to align the 2020 end of year FFM data for TAIC. The EDI Support team thanks you so much for all of your hard work!

Diane Cerino and Cassandra Koopman

Nominated by: Terry Maddox

I appreciate the dedication and quick attention to over 1,800 claims that were adjusted at the special request of Delta Dental of Minnesota. This was in addition to an already growing backlog of claims work. Even with a late start, they crossed the finish line ahead of time. Thank you both!

Vanessa Wilczak

Nominated by Lora Vitek

Vanessa is an amazing collaborative team member. She consistently volunteers and participates in crossfunctional team efforts. She has great ideas, is an extraordinary team player, and exemplifies characteristics of a great leader. In addition, she does all these things with energy and enthusiasm. 

Barry Clarke

Nominated by: Allyson Simpson

Barry is the epitome of an extraordinary mentor. He provides guidance, motivation, and emotional support. Regardless of how busy Barry is he always takes time to teach me or assist me with difficult tasks. His words of encouragement and praise give me confidence in myself and in my abilities. 

Khristi Blocton

Nominated by: Cristina Renteria

Khristi is extremely helpful with Truassure, knowledgeable and approachable. She helps us often with questions and outlines excel sheets (for UAT testing) that are easy to follow. I miss seeing her around in the office but we still send little hellos to each other. 

Julie Johnson and PR/PS teams

Nominated by: Pam Woolsey

Every Morning Julie sends out, to the PR/PS teams, a Good Morning email. Everyone then responds back. If Julie is gone, someone else steps in and sends the Good Morning to everyone. It's a simple thing but it puts a smile on your face to see that every morning.

All non-ELT, Leadership, Directors, Managers and ITLs

Nominated by: Joanne Hoger

I'd like a shout-out to the "worker-bees" who never get the slightest bit of recognition because they don't have a voice, but work hard every day to make the company successful.

Amy Kindl

Nominated by: Kristin Myer

Amy did a great job this year leading the QHP filing process and making sure everything got completed on time.

GM Group Technician Team - Jennifer Winston, Nedra Draper, Anna Garcia

Nominated by: Cristina Renteria

A great group to work with. I'm fortunate to work with such hard working people, they are accountable and maintain professionalism. We see all Delta Dental of Illinois employees as our fellow team members and work together to help accomplish interdepartmental requests. You guys are my little work family and I want you to know I appreciate you all for your good work ethic, support and just being you.

Leslie Tyson

Nominated by: Kathy Nelson

I love having Leslie on my team! 4th quarter is always challenging and Leslie gets the job done and with a smile!! Thank you for all you do!

Vanessa Wilczak

Nominated by: Sara Scalise

Great job making Companywide Customer Service Week successful Vanessa! It's a challenge to find a gift that's new and unique and you did it! It's been great fun checking in with co-workers via Zoom and sharing bits of our lives and furry friends. A lot of time and creativity goes into making this happen. I appreciate you taking on the load this year!

Derek Matuszewski and Tim Schalk

Nominated by: Beth Tortorici

I appreciate Derek and Tim's patience, expertise and prompt resolution. They are always very responsive and helpful!

Nikki Gist

Nominated by: Natalie Burns

Nikki is always willing to assist and respond quickly when asking questions when needed. Thank You.

Sara Scalise

Nominated by: Natalie Burns

I was currently out of work for two weeks and the entire process of working with HR and working with DD as a whole was a great success. Sara is very easy to work with and is very in detail of what needs to be done. :)  Thank you Sara.

David Castillo

Nominated by: Natalie Burns

I wanted to nominate David with being a good support team. Since we have been working remote he has been available to answer any questions or if we need help he always got us the answers we needed. 

Cristina Renteria

Nominated by: Jennifer Winston

Cristina is always approachable and patient and willing to help. She goes the extra mile to help you learn something rather then just get you through it.

Pauline Smith

Nominated by: Pam Woolsey

We have started our Delta Dental of Illinois Directory Accuracy Project and Pauline has done a great job of giving everyone in PR and PS a detailed outline to follow. She has made the outline very thorough, so that we all know what our jobs are to complete this and the timeline we have to finish it.

Amanda Meola, Kinderline Lake, Nura Ashour, Karen Green and Esmeralda Sifuentes

Nominated by: Dawn Ritter

A big shout out to this group of CER's that have taken on the task of Virtual Peer Mentors. Without them our new CER's would not gain the confidence needed to assist our members and providers. Thank you!

Andrew Caniglia

Nominated by: Jeanie McLaughlin

Thank you for always being willing to lend a hand. No one ever has to think twice about asking for your assistance because it's known you will do a good job with whatever comes your way.

Tracy Enders, Nura Ashour, Virginia Olson, Kathy Horan, Ebonee Frazier and Andrea Holmes

Nominated by: Nikki Gist

A big "Thank you" to these ladies for being great peers when it comes to helping others throughout the day! 

Jess Vavra

Nominated by: Lyndsay Bradshaw

I want to give a shout out to Jess. She always steps up and does what is needed to complete projects and get the information I need to promote our various Foundation programs. She is a pleasure to work with and exemplifies collaboration, respect and integrity. Thank you, Jess, for everything you do and for making my job easier! :)

Cristina Renteria

Nominated by: Nedra Draper

Crissy is the definition a team player. She is always willing to help even when her own workload is heavy. What's more, she does it with a smile. I couldn't ask for a better coworker.

Ann Marie Walker

Nominated by: Lora Vitek

AMW is a great colleague and demonstrates her commitment to the Enterprise daily! Frankly, I do not know how she does it. She does her job (above and beyond her job) and is always there to support others – both professionally and personally. She does not work hard for recognition or accolades – she does it because the has a phenomenal work ethic, it self-directed and motivated. She takes the time to call other team members to check on them. She always participates and does it with intent and thought. AMW is a strong female – she is a great leader and great example to all employees in then Enterprise. Cheers to you Ann Marie for the difference you make to the Enterprise!!

Kevin Stolz

Nominated by: Andrew Caniglia

I've learned a lot from Kevin, his experience in customer service has been a great asset in servicing our small group clients.

John DeCristofaro

Nominated by: Kristin Myer

John completed his audit requests for the DDPA audit as soon as I sent them out. He was the first done and completed them over a month before they were due. Getting them in early really helps when there are dozens of audit requests that need to be coordinated! Thanks John

Lyndsay Bradshaw

Nominated by: Joanne Hoger

Lyndsay did an amazing, outstanding job coordinating the Zoom meeting. She stayed cool and calm juggling multiple balls in the air. Not an easy job with 192 participants on the call.

Lyndsay Bradshaw

Nominated by: Michelle Govan

Lyndsay did an amazing job making sure the virtual TownHall Zoom was successful. Great work Lyndsay!

Jessica Patterson

Nominated by: Paula Given

She is always willing to help with us "Technically Challenged" Teammates and is always willing to help out whenever she can.

Lyndsay Bradshaw

Nominated by: Rebecca Beardsley

Big cheer to Lyndsay in easily (as seen from our side!) running the Town Hall meeting! I'm also grateful I get to work with her on a daily basis. She maintains a calm demeanor regardless of some of the stressful things that come our way. She is encouraging and places others first. Thank you so much, Lyndsay, for all that you do!

Lyndsay Bradshaw

Nominated by: Ann Marie Walker

I am so lucky to work with Lyndsay! She ALWAYS does whatever it takes to get the job done (and does it with a smile). She makes my job easier every day - there's not enough space to list all the reasons why. She's a rock star! Cheers to you, Lyndsay!

Voice of the Customer Team (Michelle Govan, Cristina Renteria, Chris Moulton, Amy Kindl, Bob Maxwell, Beth Tortorici)

Nominated by: Ann Marie Walker

This team has done a tremendous amount of work. They presented to the Leadership Team today and they all shined! These cross functional teams are so beneficial (shout out to the Product Innovation Team too, which is equally amazing) and I've so enjoyed working with these talented individuals and getting to know all of them better!

Tiffany Campbell

Nominated by: Sara Scalise

I wanted to commend Tiffany for her recent contributions to the Culture and Engagement Team. She was tasked with writing a brief summary of a new program we were launching. She took on the challenge, moved out of her comfort zone and did a great job. Keep stretching yourself Tiffany!

Lisa Dean

Nominated by: Dan Battista

Lisa is an excellent partner. Lisa is hard working, intelligent, and positive. I really enjoy working with Lisa and grateful for her contributions to our organization! Thank you for all that you do!

Monica Wernio

Nominated by: Kathy Nelson

Monica never fails to provide our internal and client requests on a timely, accurate and professional manner. There are times I ask for a contract and certificate and receive from Monica within 5 minutes. Service like that makes us look like rock stars to our clients. Thank you for being awesome Monica!

Ann Marie Walker

Nominated by: Lyndsay Bradshaw

Ann Marie is a great team player and always goes above and beyond in every project she works on! Thank you for all you do!