Premium Plan

Review highlights of the Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier - Premium Plan, our most popular offering. Compare costs and coverage to our other individual dental plan options.

Premium Plan

Most Popular!

Our most comprehensive plan with the richest coverage that covers most dental procedures and has the highest annual maximum. See below for the percentage you pay after your deductible (where required).

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  • Cleanings (3 per person in a benefit year)0%
  • Exams (3 per person in a benefit year)0%
  • Bitewing X-rays (1 per person in a benefit year)0%
  • Fluoride Treatments (1 per person in a benefit year)0%
  • Fillings 20%
  • Crowns (6-month waiting period may apply*)40%
  • Implants (6-month waiting period may apply*)40%
  • Root Canal Therapy (6-month waiting period may apply*)40%
  • Surgical Extractions (6-month waiting period may apply*)40%
  • Teeth Whitening (6-month waiting period may apply*, once per benefit year age 16 and older)40%
  • Veneers (once every 5 years, age 16 and older)40%
  • Occlusal/athletic mouthguards 40%
  • Enhanced Benefits Plan (additional exams, cleanings and fluoride for certain health conditions)Included
  • Dollar maximum Per person per benefit year $2,500
  • Deductible$100 (Lifetime)
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* These are benefit highlights only. Monthly premiums shown are examples only of our lowest monthly rates for individual coverage. Actual rates vary based on plan choice, number of people insured, and their relationship to you. Waiting periods may be waived if you had qualifying dental coverage prior to enrolling. For full details of plans, benefits and pricing, please visit