Delta Dental of Illinois introduces virtual visits for 24/7 access to dental coverage

Virtual Visits delivered by provide members a safe, easy way to receive immediate access to a dental professional.

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (Mar. 8, 2022) — Emergencies don’t wait for the perfect moment. They can happen at any time. Instead of hanging tough while waiting for in-person dental care or taking a trip to the emergency room, Delta Dental of Illinois members can access Virtual Visits delivered by 24/7.

Virtual Visits do not replace routine preventive care checkups with a dentist — but they are a convenient, safe and effective way to receive immediate access to a dental professional. As a Delta Dental of Illinois member, you can access this service whenever, wherever. Just make sure you have a smartphone, tablet or computer with audio/visual capabilities.  

“When it comes to dental emergencies, we now offer our members access to virtual dental consultations to get expert guidance and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits,” said Karyn Glogowski, senior vice president, sales and business development for Delta Dental of Illinois. “By offering Virtual Visits through, Delta Dental of Illinois members have extra peace of mind knowing their coverage is with them wherever they are, no matter the time or day.” services are included in existing coverage for most Delta Dental of Illinois members. Some group plans do not cover it and members can verify their eligibility by contacting Delta Dental of Illinois. Through, Delta Dental network dentists can provide virtual consultations and write prescriptions when appropriate. If additional treatment is needed, they can also provide a referral to a Delta Dental network dentist. It’s important to note a visit is counted as an oral exam under most plans and could be subject to frequency limits. (Click on image to enlarge.)Delta Dental Virtual Visits infographic

Use Delta Dental Virtual Visits when:

  • Experiencing an after-hour dental issue
  • Facing a dental emergency and you don’t have an established dentist
  • Seeking a dentist consult without leaving home
  • Traveling and in need of dental assistance

“ is dedicated to improving access to dental care,” said Dr. Vilas Sastry, CEO of “We are proud to partner with Delta Dental of Illinois to help support their members with a virtual dentist anytime, anywhere.”

We understand that emergencies can, and will, happen. But with Delta Dental of Illinois coverage, you and your family can walk through life confidently knowing you are protected for dental emergencies day and night. For more information on Delta Dental of Illinois’ Virtual Visits by, visit

About the Delta Dental of Illinois

Delta Dental is the national dental benefits leader covering 1 in 3 Americans who have dental coverage. Delta Dental of Illinois is one of 39 member companies that make up the national Delta Dental system. Based in Naperville, Illinois, Delta Dental of Illinois provides dental benefit programs to more than 6,500 Illinois companies and covers more than 2 million individuals, employees and family members nationwide. Delta Dental of Illinois is committed to improving oral health in our community and furthers this commitment through the work of Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation.