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Delta Dental has the largest networks of any other dental carrier. To find a dentist, simply enter your home or work zip code, to generate a list of the dentists near you. Results will automatically display by proximity and the Delta Dental networks that the dentist participates in will be listed. 

Once those results are listed, you have the option to narrow your search based on the network that works best with your dental program (note: the results will automatically update). If you are a DeltaCare member, you must select a general dentist in the DeltaCare network. For Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier, your enrollment materials explain the networks. With our Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier plans, you can use any dentist, but will likely save the most using a PPO network dentist. You will also likely save with a Premier network dentist since non-network dentists have not agreed to our allowed fees.

Note: Delta Dental PPO & Delta Dental Premier Dentists accept new patients.



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