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  • Preventive Care in the New Year
    Jan. 1, 2019

    Preventive Care in the New Year

    General oral health

    The new year is a great time to schedule dental checkups and cleanings. With most Delta Dental of Illinois plans, preventive care, like exams and cleanings, is provided at little or no cost to you. Plus, Delta Dental of Illinois and most dental offices, make scheduling appointments quick and easy. Check out why preventive care is important and follow our tips for fitting regular appointments into your busy schedule.

  • Calming Your Kids at the Dentist
    Oct. 4, 2018

    Calming Your Kids at the Dentist

    Children’s Oral Health

    One of the most important ways to keep your kids cavity free, especially during the season of sweets, is to see the dentist regularly. Routine checkups and cleanings are completely covered by most dental plans, so there's no reason to skip a visit. There's one deterrent, though, that you might run into – kids getting... More »