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  • Make Sure Employees Make the Most of Their Dental Benefits
    Nov. 12, 2013

    Make Sure Employees Make the Most of Their Dental Benefits

    Dental benefit information

    Health care costs are continuing to rise, making it important for a company to make the most efficient use of every dollar it invests in its employee benefits program. Group dental benefits continue to remain very affordable, therefore it's imperative to make sure your employees know how to get the most value out of the... More »

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  • DDIL App Now Available
    Oct. 8, 2013

    DDIL App Now Available

    Dental benefit information

    Using your dental benefits just got easier than ever! Delta Dental released a new mobile app to help iOS and Android smartphone users manage their oral health and dental benefits with the touch of a finger. Delta Dental’s new app gives subscribers secure access to their dental plan information to: • View their benefits and... More »

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  • Defeating Dentophobia
    May 7, 2013

    Defeating Dentophobia

    General oral health

    Are you afraid of visiting the dentist? You may have a condition called dentophobia. Parents who are afraid to visit the dentist may pass the same fear on to their children, possibly keeping them from getting routine dental check-ups that are important to promote healthy teeth and a lifetime of good oral health habits. That's... More »

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