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  • Remove These Snacks from your Break Room Today!
    Jun. 12, 2019

    Remove These Snacks from your Break Room Today!

    General oral health

    Let's face it, most people enjoy sugary snacks. But they aren't so enjoyable for your teeth. Here are some easy ways to protect your employees' smiles and their overall health.1 Clear away the bad Take a closer look at what’s in your break room. Chances are there are too many sugary and starchy snacks.

  • Minty Breath for the Mistletoe
    Dec. 16, 2016

    Minty Breath for the Mistletoe

    General oral health

    For many, kissing under the mistletoe is a time-honored tradition – but if one of you has bad breath, it might not be such a merry experience. To keep your breath mistletoe-ready, try these tips: Skip smelly foods. Steer clear of foods that contain onion and garlic. These ingredients tend to contribute to stinky breath. ... More »

  • Stains, Stains, Go Away
    Nov. 22, 2016

    Stains, Stains, Go Away

    General oral health

    With dinners, cocktail hours, company celebrations and family gatherings on the calendar this time of year, there are a lot of opportunities to sip drinks that can stain your smile.1 Coffee, red wine, soda and tea are all culprits that may dull your teeth. If you don't want to skip them altogether, here are a few... More »