Oral Health and Wellness Programs

Posted on May 14, 2013 in General oral health

With health care costs rising and a workforce that is increasingly health-conscious, a growing number of companies are embracing the mutual benefits of employee wellness programs as a way to lure prospective new hires and keep their current employees healthy, happy and more productive at the office.

The Principal Financial Group uses an independent panel of judges to do an annual ranking of the 10 best American companies for employee financial security. Of the firms that were most recently tabbed as leaders in worker long-term fiscal stability, all 10 had employee wellness programs.

A recent survey by Workforce Management found that nearly 90% of employees say the range of a company’s health and wellness benefits is either somewhat important or very important in their choice of employer.

Most employee wellness programs reward employees for losing weight, lowering blood pressure or body fat percentage, smoking cessation and more. Few, however, include recognition for actions such as annual cleanings, online risk assessment participation or sealants for children.

Dental pain and related treatment can be distracting and cause extended absences from work. Moreover, oral health is key to overall health and there are several health conditions that can be positively affected by enhanced oral health care. Delta Dental of Illinois can partner with you to promote oral health wellness among your clients’ employees.

At Delta Dental of Illinois, we are passionate about protecting our enrollees’ oral health and can’t emphasize enough the important connections it has to overall health and wellness.

Delta Dental of Illinois offers many resources and programs to help enrollees take charge of their oral health and take care of their smiles for a lifetime. We also have resources for our clients to support their wellness efforts.