Be a Smart Mouth. Why It's Important to Read Your Dental Policy

Posted on May 23, 2016 in Dental benefit information

Most people probably don't curl up in a comfy chair with a cup of coffee to read their dental policies, but it pays to thoroughly read through and understand your benefits.

First of all, knowing your plan can help you save money at the dentist's office. Being part of the Delta Dental PPOSM network typically results in the lowest out-of-pocket costs, while visiting a dentist in the Delta Dental Premier® network also offers discounts and protection from additional billing. It also helps to know your copay and deductible amounts, and if your plan requires waiting periods before your coverage kicks in for certain procedures.

Whichever plan you have, you'll save the most money by using an in-network dentist instead of an out-of-network dentist. Delta Dental has one of the nation's largest networks – with nearly 156,000 dentists participating – so your dentist may be part of our network already.

You may wonder why your plan covers certain procedures but not others, or why some treatments are covered at 100 percent but you have out-of-pocket expenses for others.

All Delta Dental plans are designed with preventive care in mind. This means that most plans pay for all or most of the cost for routine dental checkups, including cleanings and examinations. Covered procedures vary from plan to plan, and plans differ by state and employer.

Reviewing your benefits plan, especially prior to having costly dental work done, can help prevent financial surprises after your appointment.