The Real Benefits of Dental Benefits

Posted on November 28, 2016 in Dental benefit information

You may associate dental benefits with a couple of free or low-cost cleanings per year. That's definitely one of the perks – but enrolling in your company's voluntary dental plan has benefits that go far beyond a healthy smile. Here are a few to consider:

Dental Benefits Keep You Healthy

Adults with dental coverage are 43 percent more likely to visit the dentist regularly, and, in turn, are more likely to report good oral health and good overall health.1 It's not just your smile that stays healthy when you use dental benefits: Dentists can detect signs of more than 120 diseases including diabetes and cancer.2 

Dental Benefits Save You Money

When it comes to dental benefits, you'll save money before you ever walk into your dentist's office with pre-tax savings on your premiums through payroll deduction.

And you'll save more if you visit an in-network dentist – the fees charged by in-network dentists are pre-established by Delta Dental of Illinois.

With most Delta Dental of Illinois plans, exams and cleanings are usually covered at little to no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Here's an example  of how having dental benefits can help you save.

PPO Example

Employees Request and Expect Dental Benefits

Today, it's not just traditional medical insurance that employees expect from their jobs. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), a public policy research organization, two-thirds of workers consider dental benefits to be very or extremely important.

Dental insurance is the third most requested employee benefit, just after medical insurance and retirement plans. Employees want to maintain their oral health, and they expect their employers to provide dental benefits. 

Dental Benefits Provide Access to Expertise

As the leading dental benefits carrier in the U.S., Delta Dental provides unparalleled expertise and a host of additional oral health resources.

Delta Dental has one of the largest dentist networks in the country, and each dentist goes through a credentialing process to ensure they meet Delta Dental's high standards.

With more than 152,000 dentists and over 356,000 office locations in the Delta Dental family, your dentist is probably already in-network. Use the Find a Dentist tool at to find out.

Ready to enroll? Delta Dental of Illinois plans are available through your employer on a voluntary basis. Talk with your employer today to sign up for your company's dental benefits plan. Non-benefit eligible employees can enroll in a Delta Dental of Illinois individual plan by visiting

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