Why Dental Plans Are So Valuable

Posted on May 18, 2016 in Dental benefit information

You're no doubt aware that dental coverage saves you money. Dental benefits prevent you from paying the full cost of many dental procedures, and often completely cover the cost of exams and other preventive services. But dental benefits have value beyond just dollars and cents.

For example, your dentist screens for a number of diseases at every appointment – and you may not even realize it's happening. From oral cancer to diabetes, over 120 diseases and health problems1 have symptoms that appear in the mouth. Early detection of these issues means they can be treated early, which usually results in the best outcome for the patient, minimizing the impact both physically and financially.

But that's not the only way your oral health can affect your overall health. Studies show that people with dental benefits are more likely to visit the dentist, and people who visit the dentist regularly are more likely to report good overall health versus those who don't keep regular dental appointments.2

Of course, dental benefits also save you money. Benefits are designed to help minimize out-of-pocket costs – and using an in-network dentist will help keep those costs even lower. A network dentist is one who has agreed to provide services at pre-established fees that are lower than what they would usually charge. They also agreed to not “balance bill” patients, meaning they won't charge patients the difference between the pre-established fee and their usual fee.3

Dental benefits can result in great cost savings for members — but the value is much more than just monetary. Dental benefits can also impact overall health while providing peace of mind— and that value is priceless.

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