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Delta Dental of Illinois Individual Plans

Posted on February 19, 2013 in Dental benefit information

WFemaleBrokerXSAt Delta Dental of Illinois, we are passionate about oral health and its importance to generations of families. We also know that many Illinoisans don't have access to dental insurance. That's why we created dental plans for individuals, couples, children and families who are without dental coverage, or don’t have a dental plan that’s right for them.

Serious oral health problems can be expensive and time-consuming to treat. It's a simple fact that people with dental coverage are more likely to visit the dentist. Conversely, only 34% of uninsured individuals report seeing a dentist twice a year or more.

With Delta Dental of Illinois' individual dental options, you can help protect your oral health and your wallet. Our individual dental coverage gives Illinois residents a choice of plans that will meet their needs at a cost they can afford.

Since cavities are nearly 100% preventable, Delta Dental of Illinois' individual plan focuses on preventive care. Our plan options offer something for everyone. To learn more about our individual plans, click here  

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