Delta Dental Effective Discount

Posted on March 12, 2013 in Dental benefit information

Recent data from NetMinder reaffirms that Delta Dental has the largest network of dentists in the nation, just as it has since 1954. The Delta Dental Premier® network features 80 percent of dentists nationwide.

With Delta Dental’s dual network (PPO Plus Premier), groups enjoy the best effective discount nationwide and customers have the greatest access to participating dentists. Effective discount is the amount of savings that a group sees across all networks. In Illinois, consumers seek care from an in-network dentist more than 80 percent of the time — compared to 56 percent on average for competitors — resulting in cost savings. This is a feature only the nation’s first dual network can offer.

Additionally, the data shows that both Delta Dental’s Premier and PPO networks continue to grow. In the past year, the Delta Dental Premier network has grown more than three percent and the Delta Dental PPOSM network now has nearly 83,400 dentists, up almost six percent.

And our networks deliver the best effective discount in the industry. A recent independent study found that nationally, Delta Dental is number one in the industry on effective discounts.

Ruark Consulting compared the actual dental claims of Delta Dental and 16 other national companies offering dental insurance against a baseline of average industry charges. The yearlong, in-depth look showed what we already knew. Our effective discounts — that’s savings on claims, both in and out of network — are the best with a national savings average of 19 percent.