Save Money With Delta Dental PPO℠ Dentists

Posted on December 26, 2017 in Dental benefit information

Between gifts, entertaining, donations and décor, most of us spend more money during the holiday months than we do throughout the rest of the year. Luckily, you can save a little green at dental appointments when you visit a Delta Dental in-network dentist.

Delta Dental PPO network dentists have agreed to accept Delta Dental's PPO fees as payment in full. Every network dentist also goes through a credentialing process, so you know you're getting quality care and saving on out-of-pocket costs.

Another benefit of using our extensive PPO dentist network is protection from “balance billing.” Delta Dental PPO dentists have agreed not to charge more than Delta Dental's allowed fees, nor will they bill you for the difference between the allowed fee and their usual fee, also known as balance billing.

You will likely save the most and maximize your benefit dollars by choosing a Delta Dental PPO dentist. Delta Dental PPO dentists agree to our PPO fees, which are greatly reduced from what a dentist would typically charge, as payment in full.  Delta Dental Premier is a safety net to our Delta Dental PPO network. You will pay more out-of-pocket with a Delta Dental Premier dentist compared to a Delta Dental PPO dentist. However, you may save more money with a Delta Dental Premier dentist compared to a non-network dentist. Delta Dental Premier dentists agree to our maximum plan allowances, which may be lower in some cases than what a dentist would typically charge, as payment in full.

Here's an example:

Our policies and contracts require network dentists to warranty many of the procedures they perform. If a Delta Dental member needs to have an applicable service redone within a certain timeframe, neither the member nor the member's plan is responsible for the cost of the re-treatment – provided the procedure is performed by the same dentist who rendered the initial service.

Type of Service Length of Warranty
Fillings Within 24 months of initial restoration
Placement of a crown Within 6 months of initial seating date
Root canal therapy or re-treatment Within 24 months of initial treatment
Denture lining/basing Within 6 months of initial treatment

With more than 156,000 dentists in our network, finding an in-network dentist is easy. Use the “Provider Search” at to find a network dentist in your area or to see if your current dentist is in-network.