The Importance of Offering Voluntary Benefits to Employees

Posted on August 23, 2018 in Dental benefit information

If you're an employee benefits manager, you may find yourself performing a balancing act when it comes to compensation packages. Not only are you tasked with satisfying your employees' expectations, but you also have to meet the financial goals of your business. To accommodate these two priorities, you may consider curbing costs by switching to voluntary dental benefits. Take a look at the value voluntary benefits can offer both your employees and your business.

Savings and convenience

A voluntary dental plan delivers the benefits your employees want while limiting or eliminating your financial obligation. You can choose to contribute to the plan or reduce costs almost entirely by shifting 100 percent of the costs to employees.

For employees, voluntary benefits make dental care more affordable by allowing them to take advantage of group rates. Plus, they receive pre-tax savings on premiums through payroll deductions and the added convenience of automatic payments.

Similar to traditional plans, your employees will also receive affordable care when visiting a network dentist. A large network means that your employees' current dentists are more likely to be in-network, allowing them to take advantage of these savings without switching dentists.

The value of preventive care

Because preventive care is so vital to good oral health, most plans cover 100 percent of the cost. By removing these out-of-pocket expenses, voluntary dental benefits make it more likely that employees will make regular dental appointments. In fact, people with dental coverage are 58 percent more likely to see the dentist annually than those without coverage,1 and that can mean better oral health in the long run.

Regular appointments allow dentists to catch dental problems early, preventing stress, time away from work and costs required to treat more advanced dental conditions. Additionally, dentists can detect signs and symptoms of more than 120 diseases during a routine dental exam, leading to better overall health as well.

Access to Expertise

Dental benefits give your employees access to dental expertise.  As the leading dental benefits carrier in the state with more than 50 years of experience, Delta Dental of Illinois provides unparalleled expertise, one of the largest networks of credentialed dentists and a host of additional oral health resources.

By offering your employees voluntary dental benefits, you can demonstrate the value your company places on your employees' health. To learn more about enhancing your employee compensation package with this option, speak with your benefits consultant or Delta Dental of Illinois representative.

1 Seventy-five percent of adult consumers with dental benefits reported they see the dentist at least once a year versus 47 percent of those without dental benefits, as reported in the Delta Dental of Illinois 2018 Adult Oral Health Survey