How a large dental network helps your business

Posted on November 16, 2018 in Dental benefit information

With a larger network size, your employees have a greater selection of dentists to choose from. The result for your business and employees is lower costs and better convenience.

Lower cost
A large network results in better utilization of in-network dentists by your employees, which helps keep costs down. Visiting a network dentist helps ensure lower claims costs, offering immediate financial benefits for self-insured groups and leading to more stable overall costs in the long run for fully insured groups. Employees also enjoy lower out-of-pocket expenses and maximize their benefits when they seek care from in-network dentists. Doing so protects them from balance billing, which is when a dentist's fee for a specific service exceeds the plan's allowed amount and the dentist bills the difference.

Better convenience
In addition to cost savings, a larger network provides a more convenient experience. If employees already have a dentist they prefer, a bigger network makes it more likely that their dentist participates. Employees no longer need to spend time comparison shopping because they can easily find in-network dentists who have agreed to set fees for common dental procedures. That can increase employee satisfaction in the plan and the benefits offering.

Plus, employees can save time by visiting network dentists. Participating dentists submit claims directly to Delta Dental of Illinois, so your employees don't have to handle time-consuming forms, whereas out-of-network dentists may not provide this service. When employees use a network dentist, Delta Dental of Illinois pays the dentist so the employee isn't required to pay and then wait for reimbursement.

Delta Dental of Illinois' large dental network helps employees save money and helps them keep their smile healthy by making quality dental care easily accessible. Encourage your employees to find a network dentist and schedule their next dental appointment.