3 Reasons to Enroll in Your Company's Voluntary Dental Plan

Posted on August 28, 2014 in Dental benefit information

Delta Dental of Illinois' voluntary plan, for employer groups with 2-49 employees, is a great solution for companies that want to offer quality dental benefits to employees with little or no cost to their bottom line. If you are an employee and are contemplating participating in your company's dental plan, it's a simple decision!

Save Your Smile: Cavities, gum disease and other concerns threaten your oral health and wellbeing. Visiting the dentist regularly for professional cleanings is an important part of maintaining a healthy smile. Plus, your oral health has critical ties to your overall health.

Save Yourself Stress: In most cases, preventive coverage gives you the freedom to schedule regular check-ups without worrying about the cost – while comprehensive coverage offers peace of mind should you or a family member require more extensive dental care.

Save Money: Your voluntary dental plan can help you save money by providing access to reduced fees at the dentist, allowing you to take advantage of group rates, and offering the opportunity to enjoy pre-tax savings on your premiums through payroll deduction.*

Talk with your employer about enrolling in your company's dental benefit plan today. If you are an employer looking to add a voluntary dental plan to your company's benefits, visit our YouTube video to learn more.