Kids Going to Sleep Away Camp or Grandma and Grandpa's this Summer?

Posted on July 20, 2016 in Children’s Oral Health

Summer means camp time for many kids. It's also a time when many kids go to sleep away camps, visit grandma and grandpa for a week, travel with friends' families, or even hit the road on their own if they're old enough. What happens if they have a dental emergency and you're not around?

The first step is to make sure your child has a copy of your dental benefits card when they travel without you. Be sure to give copies to camps, grandparents or other temporary guardians if your child is too young to keep it safe themselves. 

With PPO plans, you can see any licensed dentist and dental coverage can be used anywhere, but you'll realize the most cost savings if you can direct your child to a Delta Dental PPO network dentist. That's because Delta Dental network dentists have agreed to provide services at lower costs to members. You can visit and use the “Provider Search” tool to locate an in-network dentist in your dependent's ZIP code.