How to Help Your Child Prep for the First Lost Tooth

Posted on August 15, 2016 in Children’s Oral Health

August can be a big time of the year for children going back to school — but it's also a big time of year for the Tooth Fairy! National Tooth Fairy Day is on August 22, and to celebrate, you can prepare your little ones for losing their baby teeth. Most kids lose their first baby tooth around the age of 6, so it could easily happen at school (or daycare) when you're not around to help. Here are a few items you might want to discuss with your child:

Losing baby teeth is part of growing up and doesn't hurt. When a tooth naturally falls out, it might tingle or feel different than normal. But there's no pain and there's no reason to be scared of losing a tooth.

There might be a little blood. Even though losing a tooth doesn't hurt, there might be a little bit of blood on the gums and tooth. A quick rinse with some warm water is all that's needed.

A teacher or helper can help store the tooth. Be sure to let your child know to alert a teacher or helper when the tooth comes out. They can help with clean-up, and can also safely store the lost tooth in a cup, envelope or baggie to bring home.

Swallowing a tooth is OK. It's not uncommon for teeth to accidentally get swallowed, especially if one comes loose while eating. Assure your child that swallowing a tooth is not a big deal. The Tooth Fairy knows that the tooth fell out — it's part of her magic — and she will still stop by for a visit.