Spit and Pacifiers

Posted on May 6, 2013 in Children’s Oral Health

Have you heard about the Swedish study linking pacifier use and a lower incidence of exzema and asthma in babies?

The study actually went so far as to say that parents' saliva from cleaning their babies' binkies may have a beneficial effect. There was nothing noted about parents passing on the germ that causes cavities through their saliva.

As we've discussed many times, there are multiple studies showing that parents and other caregivers can pass on cavity causing germs to their babies by sharing saliva. We expect to hear more from the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry on this issue; however, it should be noted that Sweden provides free dental care to all children, and has the lowest prevalence of early childhood cavities in the world, at 2.1%. Goes to show you how important it is to get your child into the dentist early. 

With cavities being the most common childhood disease in the U.S., we suggest waiting to hear more on this important issue before feeling comfortable cleaning that binkie with your own mouth.