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Look around your office... What percentage of your employees wears glasses or contacts?  Nationally, about 64% of people wear glasses, and another 11% use contact lenses. That’s 3 in every 4 Americans. 

DeltaVision offers vision care benefits that combine choice, value and wellness. 

DeltaVision, in association with the EyeMed Vision Care Insight, Access and Select networks, offers vision care plans that give enrollees access to a national network of both independent providers and leading optical retailers. Enrollees have access to optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians who are credentialed following NCQA standards. 

Plus, you get easy one-stop-shopping for both your dental and vision plans. Our Illinois-based sales team can help you design both benefits at the same time! 

With a DeltaVision plan, employers will enjoy: 

  • Easy benefits administration and implementation 
  • Combined billing for vision and dental benefits 
  • Increased employee health and productivity 
  • An enhanced benefits package 

With a DeltaVision plan, employees will receive: 

  • Choice of independent and retail providers 
  • Lower out-of-pocket vision expenses 
  • Up to 40% off additional vision care purchases after using plan benefits 
  • Wide selection of frames including leading brand names at leading optical retailers 
  • Large Network Choice

 DeltaVision offers the best of both worlds - thousands of private practice providers along with  the nation's most respected optical retail brands such as LensCrafters®, Pearle Vision®, Sears Optical® and Target Optical®.  All providers meet NCQA guidelines for credentialing and are continually monitored. Enrollees can select from any frame available at leading optical retailers. 

Enrollees can easily locate network providers with our vision provider search or by calling customer service at 1-866-723-0513. 

In-network providers are free to recommend the lens options that best meet the enrollees' needs, without being restricted to specific labs or plan exclusions. 

The Best Value in Vision Care

By promoting eye health, a vision plan adds significant value to your overall benefits package. Not only is vision coverage a highly desired benefit, but vision disorders cost businesses $8 billion in lost productivity each year. DeltaVision makes vision care affordable with access to a convenient network and high-quality plan options. 

A Commitment to Wellness

Vision wellness plays an important role in the overall health and well-being of your employees. Annual eye exams can reveal vision-related problems like cataracts and glaucoma, as well as general health conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Early detection and treatment leads to healthier lives for employees and reduced healthcare costs for employers.

To learn more about DeltaVision plan options contact Delta Dental of Illinois at 800-335-8215 or download our brochure

DeltaVision is provided by ProTec Insurance Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Dental of Illinois, in association with EyeMed Vision Care networks.


Multi-Line Discount
Multi-Line Discount

Find out how your group can receive a 2% discount on their dental plan rate when adding qualifying DeltaVision® group product to a Delta Dental of Illinois dental plan at the time of sale or renewal with our Multi-Line Discount. 

One good plan deserves another.

Groups can receive a discount of 2% on their dental plan rate when adding a qualifying DeltaVision* group product to a Delta Dental of Illinois dental plan at the time of sale or renewal. DeltaVision is offered in association with EyeMed Vision Care networks. 

The discounts off of Delta Dental of Illinois’ dental plan rate are as follows:

2% discount for adding a DeltaVision group plan

Advantage and supplemental DeltaVision plans are not eligible for dental discounts. 

Adding a DeltaVision plan to a Delta Dental of Illinois dental plan not only adds value, it also helps groups save money on their dental plan rates. That’s something any employer can appreciate. 

*This offer is available to new Delta Dental of Illinois groups or current groups that do not currently have a DeltaVision plan. DeltaVision is provided by ProTec Insurance Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Dental of Illinois, in association with EyeMed Vision Care networks.


Hearing Health Discount Program
Hearing Health Discount Program

Delta Dental of Illinois is partnering with Amplifon to offer a comprehensive hearing health discount program. 

Hearing loss is quite common with 1 in 9 Americans experiencing it. Amplifon knows just how important hearing is to everyone, so they work their hardest to bring products, services and solutions to those who experience hearing loss firsthand. Learn more.

Take a simple quiz to learn how hearing loss could be impacting your life or the life of a loved one. Start the quiz.


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