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Fillings are a restorative dental procedure used to repair decayed, chipped or cracked teeth as well as prevent further damage. If you need a filling, here are a few things to consider and discuss with your dentist.


  • Silver in color
  • Made from a combination of different metals - silver, tin, copper and mercury*
  • Longer-lasting and more resistant to every day wear
  • Often used for back molars that are not noticeably visible 

*Although amalgam contains mercury, the Food and Drug Administration and the American Dental Association recognize dental amalgam as a safe and effective treatment for tooth decay.


  • Tooth-colored
  • Made from a resin composed of a plastic and glass
  • Blend in with natural teeth
  • Aesthetically pleasing, but more costly
  • Often used for front teeth that are more prominent


The cost of filling depends on the filling material, size of the cavity and your dental plan coverage. Be sure to review your policy before visiting the dentist for treatment. If a filling or restoration will cost more than $200, request a pre-determination of benefits to help you determine how much will be covered by your plan and how much you may owe your dentist. 

Brush twice per day, floss once per day and visit your dentist regularly to help avoid cavities and maintain a healthy smile for life.