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Smile Board

June is National Smile Month and a reminder that each of us can do simple acts of kindness to brighten someone’s day. 

With this in mind, we have created an Enterprise Smile Board to encourage these simple acts of kindness and give you inspiration. Behind each numbered smile square are two different acts of kindness you can do. We encourage you to pick a square, then one of the two options on that square.

Once you have selected your act of kindness, it is time to complete it! When done, please share the good deed you just completed (read below the Smile Board for instructions). You can also use the #KeepSmilingDDIL hashtag on social media to share about your act of kindness!

See all the great acts of kindness that have been completed to date!

Thank you for your effort in making someone smile today! Stay Healthy. Keep Smiling. Pay it forward.

Great job on completing an act of kindness!

Please fill out the form below to describe what act you completed. Please use Google Chrome (and not Internet Explorer) when submitting your act of kindness. If you like, you can also upload a picture! Comments and photos will be posted on this page and in the Enterprise Update for others to see and hopefully continue the wave of kind acts. And remember to share your kind act on social media with the #KeepSmilingDDIL hashtag!

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