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Smile Board Results

Here's how our enterprise employees are sharing simple acts of kindness in the month of June. Help to make someone smile today and let us know what you did. Your post may cause others to do the same. That's a lot of smiles! 

Stay Healthy. Keep Smiling. Pay it forward.

Enterprise Employee Act of Kindness Click to view larger photo, if provided
Lora Vitek My children and I have been ordering food from local small businesses. One day each week, we pick a location to order dinner from to support our community.
Dr. Sheila Strock Gave a large tip (40% of the bill) to the pizza man when I picked up my pizza curbside.
Kimberly Witherspoon I have donated clothes to Goodwill, and money to some friends that posted on Facebook they were in need of food. I am also on a daily practicing putting my phone away during breakfast, lunch and dinner (also I am to busy making my food to be bothered with my phone lol). In addition to baking cookies my 11 yr old and I made a cake, chocolate covered strawberries, and many dinners. She loves to cook. Lastly my entire family and I are using reusable bottles in addition to recycling much more. These are a few things I have shown as a act of kindness. Look forward to much more.
Rebecca Beardsley This past weekend, I donated items to Chicago Birthworks Collective ( Their mission is to decrease birth mortality rates for black women and families. Started by mom and daughter doulas, they promote wellness and support to Black families across Chicago and help the moms have an enjoyable birth and postpartum experience, including providing baby necessities to those in need. My neighbor’s daughter organized the collection and a few friends of mine coordinated some of the items we donated so that 25 basic health kits could be created for new moms. These kits included toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, soap, deodorant, lotion, acetaminophen/ibuprofen and feminine products. R Beardsley doula donation
Dr. Sheila Strock I cleaned out my closet and donated to Goodwill - last week 25 pairs of shoes and boots (if they hurt to wear, I said goodbye - several were brand new!); also donated some dressier clothes in mint condition.
Kristin Myer Extra tipping - as we are going back to some normal venues, I have been tipping extra to those that have been out of work the last couple months. For instance last week I was finally able to get a massage and tipped my masseuse double what I normally would. I also went to brunch this weekend and tipped 40% instead of the normal 20%. I may not have a lot of extra money, but I have been fortunate enough to be employed the last 2 months when a lot of these types of workers were not so I feel I can spare the extra.
Pam Woolsey Told my UPS driver thank you for all his hard work bringing me my Amazon packages and gave him a bottled water and cookies.
Laurend Doumba I wrote a thank you note to John Maples for openly acknowledging and understanding the message of the protest following the death of George Floyd.
Pam Woolsey My grandchildren and I took sidewalk chalk and wrote messages to two medical doctors in our neighborhood. We wrote on their driveways to thank them for working so hard. We painted rocks with hearts and thank yous and put them on their porch. We never told them who left these for them.
Ann Marie Walker We have slowly ventured out as Illinois has opened up. I got my hair cut (woo hoo!) and we have been able to visit a few restaurants in Chicago. The pandemic closures have meant that these servers and stylists have not able to earn money. I feel so fortunate that both my husband and I have been able to continue to work and earn a paycheck. I tipped my stylist 50% and we did the same for our servers. We know they have been hit hard and want to help how we can. Before my hair salon opened, I also contributed to a Go Fund Me to help provide some financial support to the stylists. Some restaurants still are not open, we continue to order takeout and tip generously as well.
Pam Woolsey We turned off all our phones, iPad and computers last night and played Scrabble on our deck. It was so fun and relaxing. Even better that I won...LOL
Laurend Doumba I just wrote a "Thank You Note" to the Business Continuity Team through MS Teams, per box #10 of the Smile Board. I hope that helps uplift their spirit today and beyond as I really felt their performance deserved praises from everyone.
Jess Vavra I ran the virtual "It's a Soft 'J' 5k!" benefiting Feeding America. I also registered for the Run4Paws 5k in October in support of the rescue organization that I foster dogs for. Jess image 5k
Jenny Parrette I made cookiebars a couple months ago for my neighbors who are both nurses. Carly works at UIC, and Kevin at a VA hospital. Initially, they did not have enough supplies, and were re-using medical masks that were kept under UV lights at night, not knowing if that even killed the virus. Our dogs love each other, and have not been able to have any contact, so I included a bag of Milkbones for Riley, from Remi. I left a Panera giftcard for our regular mail carrier. I have been supporting the two local taco places in my neighborhood (The Jalapeno Grille and Fire It Up), and definitely tipping extra. When this initially started, I wrote a check to a friend that a had business/industry close down just to help out with groceries, dog food, Rx meds, etc.... before we had any idea how bad this was going to get or how long the shutdown would last. Now, that act seems very minimal considering the magnitude of what is happening.
Pam Woolsey My husband and I cleaned out our closets, and gave our clothes and shoes to 2 nonprofit organizations. One gives clothes to those in need and the other one partners with a Christian school in the area to support their building fund. Needless to say, my husband was pleased to get rid of his clothes but mostly mine...LOL
Kathy Nelson Donated clothes and household goods to PADS shelter and Amvets. I always try to say Thank You to all service workers. I have given extra tips to delivery workers. I donated food to a food pantry and donated monetarily to NAACP and National Urban League.
Ann Marie Walker Our local food pantry reached out to the community because there has been so much need and they were very low on supplies, and there is still very much need. My kids shopped in our pantry and pulled out peanut butter, tuna fish, rice, pasta and many other staples. We also went to the grocery store to buy some more canned meat and nuts so they had many protein options. We brought 4 bags of food to our local food pantry and re-instituted our monthly monetary donation. It was great that our kids participated too!
Sheila Rippel I baked a most loved Irish soda bread for a neighbor who was getting out of the hospital after two days in (NON COVID). It was warm and waiting for him when he got home.
Nikki Gist We brought flowers to our neighbors across the street and they really appreciated the gesture! Nikki Gist flower image
Jess Vavra While this act is not on the board, puppies do have a way of bringing smiles, so here's a picture of the puppies I am fostering until they find their forever home. Jess Vavra puppy image
Karyn Glogowski I sent flowers to a team member for her birthday to brighten her day.
Dr. Sheila Strock Last week I spent the day keeping my friend's 90 yr. old mother company. She had broken her wrist and was unable to attend to activities of daily living. My friend needed a care-taker break. Lucy (the mom) and I talked for hours - I have known her 35+ years. We caught up on everything and many memories too.
Louisa Brito I donated 2 bags of kids uniforms to the Southwest Collective, an organization that services families in need on the Southwest side of Chicago.
Joanne Hoger We've been downsizing these past few months. Everything is being donated to AmVets the week of July 13.
Sheila Rippel A good friend's husband was diagnosed with Lukemia last summer. Per treatment plan he had a bone marrow transplant in February - just before Covid. When he was sent home from the hospital he had to live in a "sterile" environment for 100 days - a difficult task when their son is a low functioning autistic 25 year old. She needed so much sanitizer, clorex wipes and sprays and alcohol to keep the house / people clean but was having trouble finding the items. I did a facebook request in a local group asking for help - many people offered to share so I did porch pickups of donations which I then cleaned (the containers) and let them sit in my garage for 72 hours prior to doing a drive by drop on her deck. These donations truly got her through the roughest patch and now I simply purchase her the limit of one on whatever I find when I shop. Since her had lost almost 80 LBS fighting this disease I have baked peanut butter cookies for him a few times and dropped them on the porch. I look forward to the day I can actually see my friend again.
Sheila Rippel I had been growing my hair to donate prior to covid and my appointment was cancelled when covid hit. In June I was finally able to cut my hair and donated 12 inches (measured curly - pulled straight I have no idea how long it was). I donated it to Locks of Love for wigs.
Mary Ann Griffin I put a note in the mailbox for the mail carrier, donated to GoFund Me for a restaurant in Evanston that was preparing free meals for people in need, donated to NAACP, Healthwell Foundation and Alzheimer's Association. Also brought some items to GoodWill and closets are a little less crowded!
Anonymous We have been ordering lunch at least once a week from a local restaurant since this all started. We have also pooled money to bring Sunday lunches to the ER dept at Good Sam.