DeltaCare® Dental HMO/Closed Panel/Capitation Model

Groups have the choice of adding DeltaCare®, which can be coupled with any of our pooled product offerings for small groups (2-150 employees). DeltaCare is designed to make dental care affordable and convenient for members and their family. Under this plan, members pay only the patient copayment amount listed in the Schedule of Dental Benefits. There are no deductibles, no annual benefit maximums and no claim forms to complete. Members must choose and visit a primary dentist and obtain referrals from this dentist for specialty dental care.

Benefits of DeltaCare Include:

  • Preventive services offered at little or no cost to members.
  • No annual maximums.
  • No deductibles.
  • Minimal or no copayments.
  • Large network of dentists and “open” offices.
  • More than 95 percent of offices accepting new patients.
  • Easy administration with no claim forms for general dentist visits.